September 19th, 2004

Hawkmoon 269

I'm (possibly) coming to Melbourne.

Edit #3: I'm not coming to Melbourne. Not now. I WILL come down later this year. Mum says we'll go down in December or some time like that. So if you want to meet me and exchange U2 bootlegs and all kinds of fun stuff like that, I will be coming down some time this year. Just not this weekend.

Achtung Victorians! With the victory of the Brisbane Lions (DAMNIT!) last night over the Geelong Cats, I am going to miss the release of Vertigo and shall be coming to Melbourne for the AFL grand final. Not sure where I'm staying yet, but I fly to Sydney on Wednesday the 22nd, to Melbourne on the morning of Thursday the 23rd, attend the grand final on Saturday the 25th, and fly home early on Monday the 27th. I will probably be able to go to an Internet cafe in Melbourne, but that's not certain, so if you want to organise a time to meet, now's the time to do it. I'm unsure of our plans, but tell me when and where suits you. I think central Melbourne somewhere will suit me best because we'll probably be staying there (or close to the MCG, and I forget where that is in relation to the MCG).

So yeah. Let's hope we can work something out.

Oh, and for the record, I just had a big argument with my mother and I'm not sure if I will be going any more. I thought we were coming back on the 26th, which was tolerable, though I was worried I'd get really behind on my work. Coming home on the 27th ruins everything and I do not want to go AT ALL. If James or Robby want to go, I'll give them my ticket. If they don't, I guess I'm locked into going. Now's your chance to talk me into going or reinforce my decision not to go. I just ... don't want to go.

Edit: BLARGH, I HAVE TO GO. Stupid frigging 11 September caused new stupid bloody anti-terrorism measures that mean they need my ID and so I can't give my plane tickets to anyone else. BAH. Damn it all to the very fiery depths of Hell. ANY OTHER WEEKEND WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE. But I have so much work to do that has to be done THIS WEEKEND and Vertigo is coming out, and I just CAN'T AFFORD THIS BECAUSE OF THE STUPID WORK.

Edit #2: I might be able to get out of it, or be able to borrow a laptop. I don't know what I want to do. I'm totally stuck. On one hand, I want to stay home, I really do. On the other, I love Melbourne, I want to go meet some of you, I want to go to the grand final, and ... I've really been looking forward to this. Just, like ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME, circumstance and dates have conspired against me. So what do I do? I'm clueless. Mum and I are going to talk more tomorrow morning. Urgh. And this isn't all that's going wrong, but some stuff I won't write about in a public journal.

Now, a couple of amusing observations I made during an AIM conversation with stolidlimeberry.

Observation #1.

I was amused by the elephant symbol of the Republican party. Turns out George W. Bush is a lumbering, endangered species hunted for his ivory. Those tusks are really attractive, huh? He's got poachers coming right at him to CHOP HIS TUSKS OFF! The elephant of the Republican party is lumbering into a trap of poachers!

Observation #2.

We were remarking on the quality of Micro$$$oft products. Usually, they have bugs, or fleas if you will. What does this say about Bill Gates's hygienic habits? He's transmitting his filth to you in electronic form! If only Bill Gates took regular showers, Micro$$$oft products might be more reliable and come with less blood-sucking critters that infect your computer with viruses!

Anyway, I'm going to go. Maybe I'll get some of my work completed in a desperate attempt to avoid being so doomed.
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