September 8th, 2004

Amak Axver

When contradiction is balance.

Quitting Maths B and C has made me think. Collapse )

On a totally different note, I downloaded the 26 December 1989, Dublin concert in SHN a couple of days ago. It's official: I'm never listening to an MP3-sourced bootleg ever again unless forced to by necessity. The deal was sealed a good few months ago, but this ... this blew me away. My MP3s of this gig suddenly look so inferior. Mmm, stereo sound through my headphones right into my ear ... it's a beautiful thing. The last 2:30 of One Tree Hill sound even more amazing than ever, and now I say more than ever that this is possibly the best live performance of any song by any band. I've always been biased towards that song. And what is up with All Along The Watchtower? That's mindblowing. I know Bono's not great on the guitar, but if I didn't know that, I'd swear there were two guitars. Edge does a wonderful job. Though One Tree Hill is still better.

That's my little bit of fanladish gushing for the day.
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    'One Tree Hill (26 December 1989)' by U2