September 2nd, 2004


A response to Time opinion articles, Part I.

It's funny the major decisions that a man must make in his life. Do I shave or do I not? Yes, such earth-shattering contemplation occupied my mind on the drive home from school yesterday. Well, occupied my mind for all of about ten seconds of the drive home, which was more than I was comfortable with. Such superficial trivialities deserve to be ignored.

Something serious has occupied my mind a little bit, though. I've reflected on the QCS, and it amazes me people worry and stress so much over it for so long ... and it just went like that. What was the worth of it? What did it just prove? I really don't feel like I just proved a thing. It now feels like such a waste, a pointless and needless, exhausting waste. People make such a song and dance about it and make it loom so horribly on your horizon ... and for what? It doesn't seem like much. I feel like I just threw away two days, mentally tiring myself on pointless exercises.

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That will do for today, actually. I will respond to the other article tomorrow. Enjoy this two-part series while it lasts.

--- 2:18pm ---

Oh, forgot to put out a little alert. I would absolutely love to see Bono's interview with Bill O'Reilly that happened a few hours ago ... I don't believe it's being broadcast on Australian TV, but if it is, let me know. If it isn't, I will be very interested in a DVD copy of it. If anyone gets one, please let me know. Thanks!
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