September 1st, 2004

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It's only just starting to dawn on me. The most important series of exams, the assessment tasks that people dread for years, the one big object of doom that loomed on my horizon ... and I've done it. It no longer exists for me. Can we say woohoo? You better believe it!

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I've just realised I've forgotten a number of birthdays lately, specifically athanasius7 and screendoor3. So, uh, happy late birthday? I really should've remembered Mike's, seeing it's the exact day U2 first played at Slane Castle, opening for Thin Lizzy ... bah, anyway.

Here's something serious for you - no-one at all seems to be aware of the recent terrorist attacks on two planes in Russia. I thought everyone was worried about airline security? I guess that if it doesn't happen in North America, Western Europe, or Australia, it's just not important.

Looks like it's September. Welcome to Nearly Summer Again spring, even if it's the coldest day we've had in a while. Um, yay?
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