August 21st, 2004

Hawkmoon 269

Matters of eternal consequence.

This really did amuse me ...

Lauren: Haha, I thought you wrote an entry on your ass. See, I had this IM window up and I'm on LJ and I saw "My assignment", but I only saw the first part and it said "My ass".
Me: Yes, I regularly write entries about my ass. It's currently grazing on the lawn with a donkey and a mule.

The entry Lauren is referring to is this one on acommunity. It's my English assignment, a eulogy for Macbeth, so please do read and offer feedback if you can. I may have to present it as early as Monday.

I have a stack of work this weekend. Sigh. I hate it. I'm trying to lose myself in apathy, because when I am apathetic, I can go robotic, get things done, and once I have accomplished what I need to, snap myself back to emotions. It's sometimes worked nicely in the past.

I wish my mother was here to order a stack of books that ... I probably won't have time to read. Ha.

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