August 1st, 2004

Amak Axver

I have gone out two days in a row. I am in obvious need of urgent medical attention.

Today, I made my way up to Brisbane for the open day of the University of Queensland. Collapse )

Last night was my grade's formal. Am I sad I missed it? Better question: Am I proud I didn't waste the time or money? You bet I am. I feel sorry for all the people who went. I had a really good time at home doing ... well, nothing of note! That sure beats going to an irrelevant, frivolous, and entirely unnecessary social occasion that has no reason to exist.

I have fallen madly in love with Twilight. What a song! The way everything combines is just superb, and it's one of U2's somewhat forgotten early works of brilliance.

I hate it when I have my images of people tarnished. It's really not a good thing to do. The lesson in this? Don't smoke dope.

If ever any one of you has the chance to murder procrastination, please do so in the most painful yet swift manner. You will have my undying gratitude.

For the second week straight, South Africa were robbed in a game of rugby union. 30-26 to Australia. Now I didn't mind when NZ won (quite unjustly) last week because the All Blacks rule all and should win every game they play, but when it's Australia winning, it's really quite disappointing. It was an exciting game, but a South African victory would've been a whole lot better.

The Athens Olympics are right around the corner. I want to know if there's water in the pools, roofs on the houses, roads in a state of completion, and stadiums rather than pretty paintings of what the Greeks would've built if they could've.
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