July 27th, 2004


I have a vision ... or maybe I don't.

You want to know what is truly aggravating? When people find it utterly impossible to stick to agreements and deadlines. IT IS NOT THAT HARD. If you tell me something is going to be done at a certain point, is it naive of me to actually believe you and expect it done then? Really, COME ON. When I am told something will be done by a particular point in time, I expect it to be done then, and if it's not, there better be some bloody amazing reason for it not being done.

What prompted that little outburst? None other than OPSM, the shop I'm getting my new reading glasses from. See, I desperately need this new pair. I put off getting new glasses well over six months so we'd get some good insurance cover (my glasses cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars), and my reading glasses have come to be in a very sorry state. They are not comfortable to wear, and having my perfectly-fitting new outdoor glasses has made me become even more conscious of this fact. That would've been fine if my glasses had been in when they said they'd be in, during the holidays. It's three weeks since the quoted date and I am STILL waiting. My reading glasses are simply too uncomfortable to wear, though it's getting tiring looking at the computer screen so I may be forced to switch to them soon. I urgently need my new pair. URGENTLY. I can't keep wearing my outdoor glasses at school when I need to read - I'm coping, but only just, and I am putting off work due to a lack of decent vision. What's more, I have a debate tomorrow night and without comfortable glasses to wear, well, it won't be good at all.

That said, we just called OPSM, and they guarantee that my glasses will be ready for me to pick up straight after school tomorrow. Mind my cynicism, but I'm holding a whole packet of salt right now.

In other news, today I was totally out of character and had an inability to pay attention to anything at all. Collapse ) I'm starting to reconsider this waking up at 5:30am business. Tiredness plus frustration do not help me in my attempts to pay attention to people.

Tomorrow's debate makes me nervous. If ever there was a big debate for me, this is it, and I really, really hope we win. Heidi will hopefully be ready, Christy's written her speech but I haven't seen her debate before and this really is throwing her in at the deep end, and I will be preparing my opening, summary, and closing remarks tonight. Of course, most of my speech will be invented on the spot, but I do plan on going into this as prepared as I can be.

I was going to go on another rant, but I really don't feel like it, so I shall go ... do something, not sure exactly what. I'll try to read while I'm at it. Damn you, OPSM.
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