July 23rd, 2004


To jump on another bandwagon ...

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My desk seems to have discovered the ability to become horribly messy without any intervention on my behalf.

OK people, I'm getting quite sick of the "will/won't you download the new U2 album if it leaks?" arguments and debates. I'm going to clear up some points of confusion RIGHT NOW. Collapse )

Van Diemen's Land is one of the saddest, most beautiful songs. Hold me now, oh hold me now/'Til this hour has gone around/And I'm gone on the rising tide/For to face Van Diemen's Land ...

U2 must go to Hobart and play that song. Just Edge, in the middle of the city, with his guitar.

Political correctness has really been bothering me lately. I find it amusing in a twisted sort of way that the most politically correct among us are also the most intolerant, hypocritical, and ignorant. I guess, according to them, I'm damned to hell for my hate. How dare I point out their faults and mistakes! What a loathesome sinner I must be! Urgh, it really bugs me. If people have opinions, they should be allowed to express them and not be accussed of being riddled with hate simply because they choose to disagree with whatever position political correctness has latched onto lately. If someone can discuss their opinion intelligently, provide reasons for why they think the way they do, and listen to me when I explain my beliefs and opinions, then I want to hear from them, and I don't care if what they think conforms to anything. In fact, some individualistic thought would be very nice. There's too little of that nowadays.

This entry feels rather on the disjointed side of things.
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