July 18th, 2004


The day after the Bledisloe, and I'm glad I'm not Australian.

It's like a bad supermarket advertisement. I was discussing ChristianForums with thirdengine81 and I realised that "[Through going to CF and interacting with the people there] I've become more of a Christian and less of whatever those deluded morons are."

In the same conversation, I made a classic quote that I feel should be enshrined for all history in an LJ entry: "I think calculus is like sticking a fork up your arse - you can do it, but most people find it hurts too much so they don't."

This is officially the GREATEST AUDIENCE SOURCED BOOTLEG I HAVE SEEN TORRENTED! Oh wow. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got up. That's just ... too cool. Way too amazing.

Now, to the important news of the day. Well, yesterday. Wooohooooo! New Zealand beat Australia! HURRAH! Collapse )

Collapse )

All the Australians are going to hate me so bad at school tomorrow. I'll just be grinning my face off. The Bledisloe Cup stays on the right side of the Tasman in more ways than one. Shame I'm on the left.

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