July 17th, 2004

Devore III

The day of the Bledisloe.

screendoor3 has got me hooked on Muse. The set they performed at Glastonbury this year is great. But shhh, I'm not meant to tell my friends. Don't tell yours either.

Oh, and this really made me laugh. WMDs!

I've found a very good opinion article in this week's Time that is a refreshing break from Krauthammer's infuriating and sickening American nationalism. It's a very interesting article comparing and contrasting the trials of Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein, and whether or not you agree with the opinion, it is significantly better written than Krauthammer's uneducated, xenophobic drivel. In any case, the article argues that while Slobodan's trial is fair, much moreso than any expected it to be, and is being conducted appropriately by the UN at their court in The Hague, Saddam's trial is not being conducted in a similar manner. It is in a court established and run by the US and has been politicised to suit the aims and goals of the Bush Administration. I would have to say that I do not understand why Saddam is not on trial at the International War Crimes Tribunal. If it's good enough for Slobodan, why is it not good enough for Saddam? Not to level an accusation, but is Bush simply out to see Saddam sentenced, whether or not it's in conformity with due legal practice? It seems at least a bit suspicious. But of course, Bush has already proven that he couldn't care less about the UN.

Anyway, off the politics, despite the fact it is a really good topic. Today is a VERY IMPORTANT DAY. Why is today a VERY IMPORTANT DAY? Because today is BLEDISLOE CUP DAY. The first game of two in the rugby union series between Australia and New Zealand for the annually contested Cup, the icon of Trans-Tasman rugby and rivalry. New Zealand are the current holders, so they only need to win a single game to guarantee retaining the Cup. Today's game is being played in Wellington, and the All Blacks have a fantastic team, with Howlett back. I cannot see Australia winning, though it will be a close and hard-fought battle. The Aussie fans at school aren't expecting a victory either, which makes me smile. I'd love a try-fest by Howlett and Rokocoko. That'd be a dream.

This is my obligatory daily mention of U2. So elaborate, I see that. Actually, seriously, it seems nothing new has come to light on the disappeared CD, and I don't think U2 would sink to the levels of publicity stunts, so I'm thinking it was just misplaced. It would surely be online now if it had been stolen. Whatever the case, I'm dying to hear some definite news and specifically some new U2 music! Dallas Schoo and some British reporter have got me way too excited. The reporter described the new album as "full of big ideas with the energy of youth and the knowledge of a lfie fully lived." That's exactly what I wanted to hear - the power, energy, and passion of Boy, combined with the wisdom and understanding of ATYCLB and other recent releases. What an album that would be! I'll be giddy with excitement come the release date. I feel sorry for all those who'll have to put up with me at the time.
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