July 16th, 2004

Mullet IV

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It's almost amusing how some people are totally incapable of following even the most clear instructions or hints. Take Patrick at school for example. We've got so sick of his 'company' that we've told him that he's not to talk to us unless he submits a written application detailing what he wants to speak about and how long for (Stroke of genius by Sam), and yet he still babbles on. I've only been back three days and he's already ticking me off. It's like he has this aura around him, and if any poor, unfortunate soul steps within it, they instantly get annoyed, and normally spoken to about all kinds of military campaigns they couldn't care less about. I've heard so much about Operation Market Garden that I feel like eating a capsicum. Oh, and they're normally told why Bush is the stupidest man on the planet too. Sure, I think Bush isn't the brightest crayon in the box, but there's a difference between saying something reasoned like "I disagree with this policy, that statement, and those opinions because of these reasons and this evidence" and something totally mindless such as "Bush is a real idiot and a useless dickhead; wouldn't it suck to live in America?"

Now, onto the supposed theft of U2's material. Reports have surfaced and are now spreading like wildfire, stating a CD with some of U2's new material has been either stolen or lost. This is definitely not a joke, because the band are being very serious about it and the police are involved, but it's absolutely perfect timing to generate major excitement and gather attention. Something just does not seem right. After U2's history of stolen lyrics, crashed laptops, leaked studio sessions, and so forth, they would not be foolish enough to let this happen again. There's something more to this, I'm sure. We haven't even seen recordings online yet, which speaks volumes - someone willing to steal a CD would not hesitate to upload it, I'm sure. A lost CD will just end up in the dump, leaving behind a lot of buzz, while ... something else would also generate stacks of excitement and anticipation. I'm not sure what to think just yet.

Whatever the case, comments by Dallas Schoo, Edge's guitar technician, make me feel very excited. Whenever it comes, it's going to be one awesome album by the sounds of it. It would be the ultimate way for U2 to enter the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, on the back of their third widely-accepted classic after The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. I say 'widely-accepted' because I believe The Unforgettable Fire to be their greatest classic and masterpiece. At least it doesn't have a track to mess up the flow like The Joshua Tree has Trip Through Your Wires and Achtung Baby has Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World. If The Joshua Tree had had Heartland instead of Trip, as had been originally planned, it would've been perfect.

I love being me. Being an albino equals the perfect excuse to get out of horrible school sports events. Hurrah! There's definitely something to be said for some medical problems. Others rather stink, but albinism sure is great sometimes.

I also met my favourite teacher today, after not seeing her for over a year. That was really ... eerie, but great. Some people I truly do respect. Not many, but some.

Oh yes, and Mum and Alan have gone down to Melbourne for another Aussie Rules football game. I really have no feelings about this. They've gone away for the weekend. Yes. I hope they have fun. That's it.
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