July 13th, 2004

Slane III

Battle of the singers.

Listen up. Cancel all plans for 22 November 2004 (or the 23rd if you live in the US). NEW U2 ALBUM! I, for one, will be waiting at the record store well before opening time. And woohoo, it's just after I graduate! What a graduation present! I love you, U2.

It's official - Where The Streets Have No Name is the best song ever made. 11 O'clock Tick Tock is my FAVOURITE, but it's not the best. But ... hang on, there's also New Year's Day. Oh well, they're both superior songs. I'm even game enough to say if you don't like those songs, you have no musical taste.

Three points now.

1. This is my last day of holidays. Woe and tragedy. Where have the last three and a half weeks gone? Wow. This year is flying by and I don't like it much.
2. I keep forgetting to mention I have new outdoor glasses and will have my new reading pair very soon. The outdoor pair arrived in sometime last week, but because I never wear them at the computer, I kept forgetting to mention them. I've only worn them twice since I got them, because I go nowhere on holidays and am generally a rather boring, stay-at-my-computer kind of person. I rather like them though and can't wait for my reading pair to get in.
3. People, courtesy is a good thing. You can't just go around insulting other commenters on my journal without any justification. Yes, this is a VERY SUBTLE HINT. At least state the reason that justifies your statement, if you must make it at all.

Now, with that out of the way, light_so_bright and I are going to settle a little dispute we have by means of a poll on my journal. I personally think the answer is obvious to any reasonable listener, but Lauren stubbornly begs to differ, so let's see what the rest of you think. Who is the better singer - Clay Aiken or Bono?

Important request. If you have not already voted on this poll, please DO NOT VOTE. There will be no more voting and the results shall be left at 23-22 to Bono. I will not disclose the reasons for this, though I'm sure Lauren and Kate will have some idea why. Please honour this request. If you're that desperate to express your opinion, post a comment.

Later edit to the request: Can't you people READ? I just said DO NOT VOTE ON THE POLL, it is staying at 23-22 for personal reasons only disclosed to two people. THAT IS HOW IT WAS MEANT TO STAY. Whoever voted on this poll, I'll find out where you park your car. I'm not locking this to friends, because that's silly and I assume people have enough intelligence to follow a basic direction. IF YOU WANT TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINION ON THE POLL, LEAVE A COMMENT. If anyone in future votes, you are a bloody illiterate moron. It's meant to be 23-22 to Bono. There's now nothing I can do about it because of someone's ignorance, but that's that.

DO NOT VOTE ON THE POLL! Voting has ceased. It is no more. Do not utilise this poll. It's ended. That's that. Thank you.

Who is the better singer?

Clay Aiken
Paul 'Bono Vox' Hewson of U2

Clarification: it turns out the Clay fans cheated and thus we have a significantly biased result. A truer result is at least fifteen votes in favour of Bono.

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To conclude, go Bono, go U2.
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