July 3rd, 2004


Violent U2 fanaticism and the latest cure for stress.

carobanano and I are violent dorks for U2!

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Yesterday, I downloaded some non-U2 bootlegs. Yes, you better believe it. One's a Pink Floyd bootleg from 1969, and this has to be one of the weirdest things I have ever heard. The Crowded House and Dire Straits bootlegs are pretty bloody cool, though. Awesome live version of Sultans Of Swing and two unreleased tracks - frankly, I can see why one was unreleased! The music's fine, though not the best, but the lyrics are plain awful and uncreative.

Now, here's a funny one for you. Yesterday, I got very stressed and frustrated, I snapped quite violently at one of my friends when they tried to prove the US government was humanitarian, I started yelling at my computer screen, and I was otherwise about to lose the plot. Initially, I was just going to go to bed and let that be that, but instead, I did something quite different. So what did I do?

1. I put on a U2 DVD (4 November 1981, Berlin) and cranked up The Cry/The Electric Co. while violently drinking a bottle of water.
2. I cooked dinner while watching aforementioned DVD.
3. I ate dinner while watching aforementioned DVD.
And then ...
4. I CLEANED MY ROOM! It was CATHARTIC. I vented frustration by putting Time magazines in order, cleaning up all the rubbish on my pool table, getting rid of the junk on my computer desk, and otherwise making things tidy. I did it all quite furiously and vented a lot of built up stress and tension inside me. It was the WEIRDEST THING EVER.

So there you have it, everyone. Looking for stress relief? CLEAN YOUR BLOODY ROOM. Works for me! Ha, I still can't believe it.

There are also five sheets of paper in my room that I treasure. That is all for today.
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