July 2nd, 2004

Amak Axver

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Speaking of funny stuff ... I love it when stupid computer errors and Christianity are mocked at the same time.

MSN is being an absolute piece of junk. It's decided to arbitrarily delete random members of my contacts list, and each time I sign back on, different ones are there or gone. It's driving me absolutely nuts. If this keeps up, I'll solely be using AIM. M$N is just too frigging useless. Besides the e-mail alerts, which I treasure. Hmm. That's a problem; I won't leave MSN because nowhere else gives me those updates. Grr. I hate it how Microsoft can tie you to something like that.

Need. New. U2. Album. Now. Vertigo would be such a cool name, but I'm not believing it just yet. I still say Solar Winter would be the best name.

What the hell? The Greeks ... beat the Czechs! I still can't believe it. Alan knows someone who had $100 on the Greeks at 100/1. Lucky bugger.

Last night, I was reorganising my LJ memories, and I thought I would repost Collapse ) OK, so I'm really just bored and figured I'd whack that up for no particular reason.
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