July 1st, 2004


Ethnic cleansing in Sudan. But first ...

Another classic to add to my silly Northern Hemispherean quotes ...

Random person: How's the weather?
Me: Sunny and warm, even though it's the middle of winter.
Random person: It's WINTER? What month is it?


So, I switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox yesterday evening. madamadam seemed to love it, and then when I saw it recommended on lj_maintenance, I figured I might as well try it out. I miss a few things from IE, but all in all, Firefox is so much better. Faster, too. So yes, everyone, if you want a good web browser, Firefox is the way to go. I'm not a walking, talking advertisement for it yet, but it is definitely a viable and quality alternative to Micro$$$oft's IE. I'd switch to Linux, but I'm not that good with computers.

Anyway, at 2am today (midday, 30 June for those of you in the eastern American time zone), the LBMB went down for good after YTF was closed a few days previously. I had decided to stay up until the actual time and mark the occasion, but ... I didn't. I think I've finally begun to really let go. It's been a long time coming. Yes, I still miss the place, but I'm no longer ... I'm not quite sure what. LiveJournal's not an alternative, but I'm not sure I really want an alternative or a replacement. Really, it seems pathetic to still be thinking about and missing the place so much, a year on, but ... I am. It will always be there as one of those major things in my life.

Anyway. Onto more important matters now. Collapse )