June 28th, 2004


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Ahahaha, hahahaha, Czech Republic 3, Denmark 0! Doesn't it feel good? The Czechs will walk all over the Greeks in the semi and the way they're going, they may just win the whole bloody tournament. That would be an upset and a half, and a delightful one at that.

It's funny how some things can work out for the better despite the fact they're some of my worst character traits. In any case, I've just spent most of the last two hours writing and I'm actually pleased with my work. Now if only I'll get around to doing what I said I'll do, namely my geography assignment and cleaning my bedroom. Even I'm sick of the chaotic state it's in, which means it must be bad. Why do I have so much garbage? Hm, hopefully I'll find some useful stuff as well.

To totally change the topic, those of you that pray, take this as a request. I'd rather not say why, just ... please. Thank you.

Anyway, I shall be off. I'm actually going out. Only for a little while, but I'm still venturing out of the house. Wow. Yes, pick yourself up off the floor now, I don't think it's quite that shocking ... OK, so it is.

--- 11:36am ---

Having got back, I've realised why I don't go out much. Urgh. Is it just me, or are crowds absolutely awful? I know I'll end up living in the country sometime. I can't handle the city, there's just all too many people. And no, don't congregate in big groups in the middle of busy shopping centres. That's really annoying, especially when you're blocking the shop I want to get into. Urgh. But on a happier note, I'm starting to feel a little bit on the slightly wealthy side. Whee. U2 tour 2005, here I come!

I've also put in my churn request to transfer ISPs having finally chosen to go with Internode. I keep on doubting this decision because I hate using Mum and Alan's money even more than I hate using my own, but ... it'll be for the better. I can't wait for it go through and to get on a really good plan. Hurrah.
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