June 20th, 2004

Slane III

Also untitled.

Grr, I just lost an entry ... and what's more, I don't know how. Very odd.

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Anyway, today's one of those days where I ask you to recommend music to me. It's the holidays, so some day very soon, I'm going to turn off my firewall, crank up WinMX, and see what I can get. So go ahead and recommend something good to me that I should be able to find with reasonable ease. Yes, I know a couple of you have been telling me to listen to some particular bands, so this is the big chance.

By the way, have I told you all to go listen to Agiven? (Quiet, Lauren; you're in the minority here) Go now. I happened to e-mail them a couple of nights ago and I got a reply last night from the guitarist. Really nice fellow, and he says he's going to send me a complimentary CD with some live tracks included, which I think is very cool indeed. So go listen to these guys. They're making some good music - I absolutely love You My Idol - and they should move on to bigger and better things. At least, I hope they do.

Hmmm ... nearly a year since YTF went down. Wow. I don't suppose anyone's going to do anything to mark the date?
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