June 7th, 2004

October Edge

It's as beautiful a day as an exam day can be.

Despite my dire predictions of doom and woe, today went remarkably well. Ladies and gentlemen, study pays off. Hence why I will be doing a good deal of it later today for a broad variety of subjects.

I woke up with a headache. Today did not start well. I still have the headache, actually, though it's subsided quite a bit. I woke up, thought "hey, I'm feeling good, hooray!" ... and then I sat up. "Uuurrrrghh, headache!" was roughly what my thought processes were like. So I got my way to school, did some hurried study with the folks there (which saved my butt on one question), and went into the Geography exam. It was two hours long, plus perusal time, and so I got going ... and went, and went, and went. I finished with about 40-45 minutes to spare. I know I stuffed two questions, but this exam was HUGE and I still think I'm in the A range. It was out of 177 marks if that gives you any idea of the enormity of this thing. Probably the longest exam I've ever done both question- and marks-wise, though it still wouldn't beat a couple of maths exams for sheer difficulty of task.

The rules rather clearly stipulate that no student is to leave the room early, so I just sat around and it will come as no surprise to any of you what entered my head. To answer any questions about what I do in the spare time at the end of exams, Collapse )

Tomorrow features a whole day of German exams. Four in total, and in order, they are: writing, reading, speaking, listening. We can choose if we do the writing or reading first and I think I'll go for writing first. I'll decide after my study tonight. Right now, writing is the only one I'm feeling even remotely confident with.

athanasius7, where've you got to?

I think tomorrow I'll be spamming this LJ with photos. Woo!

Why does the seeder for the full colour ZooTV Stockholm 11 June 1992 DVD have to be on so little? Still, 37.4% of the first DVD is better than nothing. Also, whoever thought The Cry/The Electric Co. could be beautiful? It may be angry, full of rage and violent catharsis, but beautiful? One date and city: 23 October 1984, Nantes. I'd love to know what Bono's singing during the lull. It's really nice, though. I'm just ticked it fades away into Bad, so we miss out on the final riff. Bad is very beautiful too, though. And before I start rambling away on scary U2 tangents, I shall bid you all adieu and contemplate beginning my German study.

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I think Lauren just came into possession of my soul. Uh-oh ...

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I never should've made the previous edit. Dear me.
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