June 6th, 2004

Mullet II

And President Reagan comes up to me ...

I'm an irony fan. That's why when I learnt Ronald Reagan had died, I nearly slipped out of my chair. Just before I read the news, I'd got up to find the 9 May 1987 Hartford concert had finished downloading, so I extracted it from SHN to WAV, put it on, and there I was, listening to Bullet The Blue Sky and Bono screaming "And President Reagan comes up to me!" when I saw hard2explain8's post on my friends page. This made me think "What the zark?" and a quick trip to CNN.com confirmed everything. Ironical indeed. Frankly, I don't have an opinion on Reagan. I know people who both loved and hated him, but I never did any research to form an opinion. I do remember when Christopher Skase was photographed in Majorca hiding behind a Ronald Reagan mask, though. Skase was a bloody twit.

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You know, I keep saying I'll work on my Modern History assignment and then I don't. I will today, though. Geography exam is tomorrow so I need to do major study for that. Yesterday, I wrote my English assignment draft, and I'm actually pleased with bits and pieces of it.

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And now I'd go study Geography, but I can't stop repeating Stay.

By the way, rich text mode is the worst thing ever. Whoever thought it'd be a good idea? Grr.
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