May 27th, 2004

Beach ball

This subject line is entirely random.

I am now a somewhat semi-published author. Woo! I thought they'd actually forgotten about my article and I was going to send an e-mail asking if they'd chosen to reject it. Of course, I should check the main Interference page along with the messageboard, because if I had, I would've noticed they'd been fully aware of it. I've noticed they've changed my grammar and spelling to be Americanised, but that I can live with. I'm now picking apart the mistakes and I've noticed no-one corrected my typo of 'Kosovo Stadium' to 'Kosevo Stadium'. Or maybe someone changed it to that? I'll have to check my original copy.

This is most amusing. The world political map according to the USA!

You know what's scary? Today I discovered Burns has a LiveJournal, burnzey. The first post is stunningly beautiful, folks. I'm waiting for God to damn me as we speak, though I'm not quite sure where He's damning me to. That post is the kind of thing I adore. Rather like this hilarity I linked to about a month ago. It's amazing how people hate me so much and how majorly they exaggerate things. I'm going to enjoy replying to Burns's post. Though, for the record, we actually patched things up today. Hopefully for good. This bullshit banter has been going on for too long and is just too bloody immature. Though you guys all know how I react to a lack of intelligence ...

I'd just like to make it clear I live very happily with myself. It's other people I struggle to live with.

Bullet The Blue Sky, 28 August 1997, is absolutely awesome and the best Bullet from the Popmart tour. I feel the biggest problem with Bullet from Popmart is that it didn't build up to the loud climax from ZooTV and then collapse into Running To Stand Still. Bullet --> RTSS --> Please would've been cool.

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I was going to post more about the debate, but I'm going to delay that until tomorrow. I really just don't feel like posting about it now. Not because I'm pissed; I just don't feel like it.

I love Thursdays. How can you not love a day with two study periods? Also, heaps of people were away today thanks to West Side practice (tonight is opening night), so some classes were deserted. I've been spending much of SOR lately helping out Jamie, Melissa, and Robert with their assignments. It's going to be amusing when we all hand in our assignments with their similar introductions. I just feel sorry for Mel because she's currently minus a computer at home.

Anyway. I've got to get things organised so I can make a phonepost this month. Plus, I have work I really should do. Sometime. Later. Tomorrow morning perhaps. I'm procrastinatory like that.

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