May 21st, 2004

Amak Axver

LJ-cutting is definitely the in-thing when it comes to my LJ.

My watch strap has broken. This is tragic. I feel so naked without my watch on. I keep looking at my wrist wondering what's wrong with it. It's ... not right. OK, so it's getting fixed tomorrow, but the last two afternoons have been odd, and the cellotape I use to keep it together at school comes unstuck halfway through the day. Bah, it hasn't even lasted two years. I feel cheated. I also feel like a stinge, but so? My watches become parts of me and so does my money: I don't like parting with either.

Now, let's get out of exaggeration land, get my watch fixed, and get on with the entry. Collapse )

Collapse )

I bring wonderful quotes. Collapse )

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I'm in one of those I-love-Dire-Straits moods right now. They are SO, SO GOOD. 1. U2, 2. Pink Floyd, 3. Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler rules and I am currently addicted to live performances of Brothers In Arms, On Every Street, Money For Nothing, and Calling Elvis. Woo! I should look into getting some more of their live stuff. I prefer live over studio. In any case, the studio Money For Nothing is so weak compared to the version on the On The Night EP.
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    'On Every Street (live)' by Dire Straits