May 14th, 2004


I can't come up with these things some days.

Had a bloody weird dream last night. You know those Hairy McClairy children's books? Yeah, well that's who I dreamt I was ... just I was an egg, not a dog. Then I got put in a Caesar salad. My imagination has problems.

The fallout from yesterday's teenageness continues, though was thankfully alleviated by Burns being away on his traineeship today. I know Pat has been bitching about me behind my back to Sam, but the amusing part is the fact that he doesn't understand Sam does not care and that Sam's telling me everything. The way Pat twists the facts is alarming and disturbing, and that he says everything's over but then keeps it going. He's ridiculous.

Me: "Pat's a bloody twit."
Sam: "He'll be a broken twit if he doesn't shut up."

Sam and I had two very good talks, one last night on MSN and one this morning in the library. I think all is not lost for our friendship, which is a very good thing indeed because Sam's one of those people I have the utmost respect for and trust completely.

Hm, isn't a poppyseed bun meant to have poppyseeds? Bah! Stingy supermarket bakery. I love my poppyseed buns, but this bun I have is almost wholly devoid of poppyseeds.

Anyway. Sam and I got onto the topic of next year and careers and we had a very interesting discussion. The Australian military pays for one's education, and in return, you serve that amount of time plus a year in the military practicing whatever they taught you, I think (as in you take a three year course to learn a certain job and then the army employs you to do that for four years). If the military doesn't offer a course at their university, they'll pay you to learn it anywhere else in the world. So Sam reckons I should enquire and see if they would be prepared to pay me to learn journalism. If so, then I'm definitely taking that option up! We all know I'm opposed to conscription and warfare and the like, but if I can be paid to learn journalism rather than paying, then I think I can put up with working as a military journalist at a desk for four years! Then I can leave the military with some money already well and truly in the bank and get on with my life most happily.

Speaking of the military and all, I'm sure we're all familiar with what's been going on in Iraq. I was going to post some thoughts here, but I really don't have enough of an opinion. Soldiers beat prisoners - terribly sad, shouldn't have happened. American guy got beheaded - terribly sad, shouldn't have happened. Sounds like my reaction to most stuff. I'm just not opinionated enough about it because I've stopped caring about Iraq. It's turned into such a mess that I'd be happier not having anything to do with it.

One thing I have a lot to do with is my ISP. Their usage meter is totally stuffed, it's recorded my usage much higher than it should be, and so now I've flown over my limit in style and had my speeds slowed. I'm NOT impressed. There is no way I could've downloaded 12GB in the last seven days. I have a 2.2GB bit torrent that's currently at 1.9GB and the Sarajevo VCD, which was 1.2GB. So that's 3.1GB, then add on a few other downloads, and to say I've downloaded 4GB would be being excessive. Grrr. So I'll give them a call later.

This reminds me. saintcheney and theelk, Collapse )

Back on track. This weekend is the forty hour famine. That would be wonderful if my school weren't acting all about the money. Last year, we won a special award for how much money we raised, and this year, we want to get an even bigger one. Thus, it's all about the money. It's not about charity, not about doing a selfless deed to help those less fortunate, not about using the time to focus more on God, nothing like that, it's just about the money and being all self-serving. Makes me absolutely sick. I nearly didn't participate because of it. Someone I know, I forget who, tried to defend the stance of the school by saying competition and achievement is the only way you'll get some people to participate, but I'm not keen on that. If that's all that will motivate them to do that, I think I'd rather them not to participate. In any case, the individual school houses already compete to see who can raise the most money and earn house points for it. That's bad enough. People's priorities when it comes to charity are so bloody misplaced it's not funny.

I have a practice history exam on Monday. An exam I am not ready for in any way, shape, or form. See, we're studying the women's movement, and I'm simply not interested. Feminist types would blast me for that, but it's not that I'm sexist, it's just that I'm not interested. I'm not interested in it like I'm not interested in learning how to be a plumber or what the whole Periodic table is. I'm not interested like most of you probably aren't interested in learning Pi to 330 decimal places. I really just don't care. I joined Modern History because I wanted to learn about stuff such as the Cold War, the Korean War, how various nations became independent, significant events in parts of the world we don't normally hear about, and so forth. The women's movement simply holds no interest or fascination for me. Though one thing interesting I've discovered is that apparently I cannot say "women." OK, so when I say "women" it sounds remarkably like when I say "woman," but I'm not going to say "wimin" for a plural just to make the distinction clear.

On a completely different topic, I've decided to try to create the 'full' Joshua Tree. As many U2 fans are aware, U2 had a wealth of material for The Joshua Tree and nearly made it a double CD. However, they decided not to, and some songs were used as b-sides, or in Heartland's case, kept for Rattle And Hum. I've decided to create the 'full' thing, using b-sides and material recorded during the JT era and the like. Collapse )

Mmm, Streets icon ...

That's enough for now.
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