May 11th, 2004

Amak Axver

He went deeper into black, deeper into white; see the stars shine like nails in the night.

I just got some very cool news. Got this random phone call from someone I didn't recognise ... then it dawned on me who they were the second they said two wonderful words: "work experience." Looks like I'll be getting some work experience with one of the local papers just after I graduate. Woo! Very happy indeed.

Today was generally very good and I am no longer angry at the maths department. I suddenly understand my maths assignment and shall write it once I've written this, I can do a good deal more of our work than I could before, and I'm generally feeling in a good mood about maths right now. I did my English speech, and while I forgot to say a couple of things I wanted to say, I did the perfect time (7:58, desired length is 6-8 minutes), didn't have any notes, and feel I spoke powerfully. In SOR, I managed to make a bit of a start on my assignment - I have no ideas for this thing and I fear it. But I'll get it done somehow. At least I have until the 28th. Other classes went nicely, though during study it was annoying because the computers were randomly working but not. The network was down when we came in, but they got going, we all logged on, but then some computers started freezing. Soon enough, only two of us, including myself, were left on. We somehow managed to last until the end of the lesson despite the fact none of the other computers could establish a network connection. Apparently there's been a massive server error.

Visiting the library at lunchtime made my day. Well, that twit saintcheney found initially did (aimee55, feel free to harass at will), but she screens comments unlike our dear 000sundancer000, thereby limiting the fun. I'm such a prick to these people, I know. They deserve it, though. Anyway, back to the library making my day. I'd gone up there to read Dante's Divine Comedy for the better half of lunch, and I normally sit down one particular aisle, right by where all the Shakespeare stuff is. As you would expect, there are shelves of books along both sides, but I'd only investigated one side - I've already figured out what stuff there I must read (they have some really cool stuff, such as a lot (all?) of Shakespeare's plays, various famous Greek works, Chekhov, et cetera). Today, I happened to spy a book about English literature on the other side and decided to check out what they have. I was more than thrilled to discover MORE literature, this time POETRY. So I got out this book of 'seven centuries of poetry in English', and ladies and gentlemen, this thing is beautiful. Beautiful in two ways - beautiful because some of the poetry contained is stunning, and beautiful because some of the poetry contained is so laughable that it shouldn't be labelled 'poetry'. Here's some classics.

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Yes, I've been rather in the mood for poetry and literature lately. Jamie's been having a real go at me, saying I shouldn't be a teenager. Why, just because I enjoy reading? Because I want to broaden my horizons a tad and be a bit educated? Good bob, I'm not the ridiculous one; he is. Sadly, it seems few - as in no-one at my school - share my sentiments. Oh well, I suppose someone has to read all those books ...
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