May 10th, 2004

Slane II

Happy birthday to Bono! But first, a word from our sponsor.

I am remarkably unimpressed. Today was going perfectly alright until maths reared its ugly head in the last period. I think I'll discuss my day before I discuss maths, because then I will not be yelling all over the show. I hope.

SOR in first period proved to be amusing in one of the most disgusting of manners. Some people were saying that they'd seen feathers strewn around the school ... then we looked out the window and noticed a crow eating away at a dead bird. The comings and goings of multiple crows kept us interested and repulsed for the whole lesson. We got no work done, but I wouldn't have got any done because I'm at a loss for ideas for my assignment.

During the first study period, we had to do some survey thing on values and beliefs that was being conducted to assess teenage attitudes and how they've changed. I was going to make some insightful comments about this but no longer. I can't really remember them anyway. Wait sometime, something might come to me.

Second study turned into a farce when most computers in the library froze and then when we restarted, we couldn't get back onto the network (a couple of lucky people did not have their computers freeze and stayed on the network). Luckily I'd finished and printed a revised copy of my English speech just before everything died. After this was English, but I'd already requested to go first tomorrow, so I got to sit back and relax. Tonight I'll run through my speech a couple of times then get up there tomorrow and have a good time. After lunch, Geography proved to be pretty boring. During lunch, I became aware of just how much Patrick latches onto Sam. It's bloody disturbing and I wish he'd piss off. He never gets the hint and Sam's too nice to him anyway.

Then maths rolled around. I headed in hoping for a productive lesson, one where I could gather information for the assignment due on Thursday and generally get things done. What a farcical notion. Robbo cannot teach and cannot keep a class in order, and it's pathetic what's happened to the maths department. You know something's going majorly wrong when your former top student is totally lost and doesn't want to do maths any more. Pre-grade eleven maths I can do without even thinking, but the last two years have been a nightmare of horrible textbooks that don't help anyone and teachers who can't do what they're paid to do. It's a disgrace. They teach through examples and THAT'S IT. I pick up the textbook to try to understand it, but it explains through theory and mathematical language, none of which we've been taught. Now, in my maths book, I'd expect a paragraph explaining why we do something and how to do it, complete with accompanying theory, and THEN some examples, but all we have now are examples that don't help one bit. I cannot do something after being shown some examples. I need to know WHY we're doing something and have a logical explanation of the theory. That extends to all areas of my life. I'm a Christian because it tells me WHY we're doing what we're doing (that meaning, why we're existing) and gives a logical explanation of the theory (as in, how the zark we got here). I got to a point where I could no longer accept atheism as viable because I look around and see a world in which things happen for a reason, I see a world that can be logically explained, but atheism denies that, putting everything down to chance. My whole mindset (a mindset that ironically developed during my atheistic years) rebels against the very tenets of atheism and cannot comprehend their viability.

Back to the maths. I'm totally stuffed for this term, I can see it now. I have two choices - devote more time to study than I'd otherwise want to, or try to scrape by. Frankly, this maths is not of use to me, I do not see the point in applying myself, and I am not going to waste a couple of hours of my time on it. Thus, I'm only going to do what I want to do. See, I WANT to do Geography. I WANT to do English, SOR, Modern History, and to a lesser extent, German. Maths, however ... I DID want to, but the horrible textbooks lost me, and the teaching standards are shocking. If you can't fucking teach, DON'T TEACH. Is that too obvious? The maths department has something seriously wrong with it. I think there are major problems in the English department too, but Mrs Hugo is such a good teacher that she compensates for it. I can thank her for getting my passion for English back.

You know what's really good for when I'm annoyed? Popmart concerts.

"Good people of Yorkshire, you've made a terrible mistake. George Harrison says you shouldn't be here. It's all big fuckin' hats and lemons and air. I've one thing for you, George: pump it up!" - Bono, right before Even Better Than The Real Thing, 28 August 1997, Leeds.

I'm downloading the VCD of Popmart Sarajevo, which is very thrilling. The first half is done and I've watched it - OK, so it's audienceshot, but it's BRILLIANT because it's Sarajevo. The second half is on the download now. Can't wait for it to be done. So today's still working out alright.

I was also going to ponder a bit more theology, along the lines of what I was discussing earlier. It's fascinating what logic and reason can lead you to, though it poses that major danger of forcing God into a box of your own logic and reason. I may turn this into a bit of an article, actually. If I have time. I don't have time for much, it seems. At least ChristianForums is down right now, meaning that one avenue of timewasting is temporarily closed.


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Crap, I need to go study.

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Crap, I said that over three hours ago and I've got precious little done. That vegetable lasagne for dinner was bloody feral. Lasagne does NOT have vegetables. NO. And I've finally discovered something barbecue sauce doesn't go with - lasagne. Here I was, thinking it went well with everything ...
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