May 3rd, 2004

I Will Follow video

True colours fly in blue and black ... under a blood red sky.

Just when I think I'm getting better, I feel worse again. How typical. Must be well tomorrow, must be well tomorrow, must be well tomorrow.

Here's something fun. My new icon! The I Will Follow music video is hilarious. Bono's dancing cracks me up every time. Go early U2, go!

Here's something else fun. Who's up for a bit of poetry? I'm feeling all poetically inclined lately and I need to see what books of poetry the school library has. Better be some good stuff rather than that disorganised shambles they call 'modern poetry'. That drivel's not poetry. Seriously, it isn't. If people are going to write that, they should at least create a legitimate name for it.

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Interpretations, anybody?

Created my English speech. I managed to write out some drivel, spoke it, found it nearly hits the six minute mark. All well and good, but that means utterly nothing seeing what I actually say I'll be inventing on the spot in class. I'm going to walk around my room a few times and get the basic idea of my routine done, so that I can control length and not pass the eight minute mark. I love speeches, debating, and public speaking. So easy. Am I strange for loving it or something? Eh, oh well.

I still find it amusing how I got my start in debating. Of all ways to get into something. In grade nine I was an argumentative prick (hm, still am, just with more veiled insults) and my head of house had his office near where I hung out. At a loss for a team one day and hearing me get into some really heated argument with someone for the umpteenth time, he came out, asked me to be on Wesley's team, and the rest is history. I also find it amusing how I ensured I was on my current debating team simply because, at the start of grade ten, I really liked one of the girls on it (Yes, believe it or not, it's true). It's funny how things work out.

Woohoo, yes, I'm having one of those memory trip days. Why? Because I'm bored. Things seem strange today. Sigh, I wish I'd gone to the model train exhibition in Brisbane. I miss my model trains. I don't quite know what happened there. But I need to get back into my trains ... probably will have to wait until next year to see where I'm living before I can seriously think about a layout. In any case, I'll probably have no money for trains so I'll end up being another one of those typical stories - grows up liking trains, goes to university and has no room for a layout, finally settles down somewhere and builds one. I just wish model trains weren't so expensive. Don't suppose anyone else out there has an interest in model railways?

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