April 28th, 2004


We crossed the line; who pushed who over? It doesn't matter to you, it matters to me ...

This hurts.

I can see exactly where everyone's priorities lie now.

Thanks a whole lot.


Today, the condensed form because I'm not up to an expanded version.

- The before school Maths C session was just plain confusing.

- Home room stinks. The only person I hang around with in there is Sam, and we've lost the ability to have a conversation. Best friends? Since when? People come and go, I suppose. I don't even think I'll miss his company, which is kind of sad considering the friendship we once had (and in my opinion, he destroyed) but you get that. At the end of high school, aren't you meant to miss people and be all sad? I'm going to dance out of the place singing Beautiful Day and instantly erase the memory of just about everyone there.

- Geography was boring. Finished English exam comfortably.

- SOR was pretty dull. Maths B was explanatory and helpful. Maths C was confusing but things started falling into place at the end. It's gone all Physics-y. Bah. I didn't choose Physics for a reason, y'know.

- German was ... German.

- Karina forgot to pick me up, so I phoned her and she got to me twenty minutes later than she otherwise would've. But it was alright, because I just sat around doing some of my German homework.

- I came home, expecting some stuff to make me feel better through either reassurrance or reality. I got nothing. No news is bad news. Hmm. Worry.

- I discovered ... something about someone in my grade. It was alarming and various other bad emotions. Now I can't look at a certain person the same.

- During lunchtime, I spent some short time in the library flicking through some Shakespeare and Dante's Inferno. Absolutely loved it. Only good part of today, really. I need more time to read, especially nicely written stuff. It's refreshing and makes me feel good. The rest of today was either boring, dull, depressing, lettingdowning (that's now a word), or otherwise unsatisfactory.

Typical Wednesday, I suppose. Two Maths C lessons, no study. Just from looking at the timetable you can tell it's a bad day. The irony is that last year, Wednesdays were my favourite day and I hated Thursday. Now Thursday's the best day, along with Monday. Though I have a debating meeting early before school tomorrow. Ehh.

I can't get over just how good the 26 December 1989 performance of Where The Streets Have No Name is. I'd love to know what poem that is that Bono quotes at the start, though. Either that performance is the best Streets ever or the 18 December 1989 one is. Lovetown was such an awesome tour. Bono's voice was never better. That whole 26 December 1989 show is fantastic - the performance of One Tree Hill is mindblowing. I seriously struggle not to cry every time I listen to One Tree Hill. The rain doesn't break my heart but the line sure does. All four of the December 1989 Dublin shows ROCKED. And yes, I'm saying that despite having never heard the 27 December show. I need a copy of that. Heh, I once found a cover of a bootleg claiming to be from 25 December. Nice typo ability there! It gave me a laugh.

You know what? I'm feeling decidedly better now. I love LJ.

Also, is it just me or is So Cruel torture? Not in the "that song's crap!" sense of torture, but because the emotion's so powerful.
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