April 22nd, 2004

Amak Axver

I don't care that this is a really poor subject line.


Bono is SUCH A LEGEND. You go, you read. This man is QUOTABLE.

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I made history in Maths C today. I fell asleep. I'm sure aaron_3521 can tell this story a lot better than me because he was awake for it. Actually, I've fallen asleep at school once before, but that was when I was five. So the two years I fell asleep at school were my first and last. Anyway, what happened? I was sitting there, listening to Queenie, and it just wasn't working. He was talking about stuff and I simply couldn't focus, the words weren't even going in one ear and out another, they were just floating on by like a stream. So I put my head down on the desk - at this point, note Aaron and I were sitting right up the front by Queenie's desk - and lay there with my eyes shut, trying to focus on the conversation. So there was this babble (or patter, as Queenie termed it) of conversation and explanation going on around me, and after what felt like only a few minutes, I heard someone (I think Aaron) say something like "Is André awake?" I bolted up and said I was, which seemed to surprise them. They told me I'd been out for a while - I think Aaron said twenty minutes - I'd been moving my head back and forth, they'd poked me with pens, and Queenie had even checked my pulse to make sure I was still alive!

I thought they were tricking. A while ago, we'd play tricks on someone along a similar line (usually it happened to me) - someone would ask "It's Wednesday, right?" when checking their timetable, and everyone else would emphatically reply with "It's Tuesday!" to throw them off and disorientate them. I initially thought they were doing a similar thing to me, trying to make me think I'd been asleep when I really hadn't been. I didn't even realise I'd fallen asleep and declared I'd been awake all the time. But after talking to Aaron about it further in German, yes, I definitely fell asleep. Brilliant, yes.

Maths C is always interesting. So is SOR. We're doing ethics this term and are currently watching The Cider House Rules in relation to it. Anyone watched that? We're about two-thirds of the way through now, I think, and it's a whole lot better than I expected. Not a bad film. German turned into a bit of a farce today, with everyone laughing at each other. I found myself entirely incapable of saying "das Haus" and sat there stumbling over the words. It was like I was reading "das" but trying to say "auf" ... it was hilarious anyway.

Sam had this printout at school today with all these wonderful shirt slogans on them. One of them has now become my new motto: "I'll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter." So ... yes. Take heed of that.

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Microsoft, Hotmail, MSN, and anything related are run incompetently. Good bob. If your server's too busy, FRIGGING UPGRADE IT. Is that too obvious now? And my ISP needs to learn that when you have broadband, you do not expect dialup speeds. Last night was pain. What the hell's been going on with them? Everything was PERFECT until the last week or two. They better get their act together, this is becoming a joke.
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