April 4th, 2004


So let us not talk falsely now because the hour is getting late

(12:29pm - I would like to direct your attention to my brand new, most awesome user picture made by the genius Tier from CF. ZooTVisms! Now I've got to learn to make these for myself ...

You might be asking 'whatever does that thing say?' Worry no more!
Everything you know is wrong
Do not accept what you cannot change
Change what you cannot accept
Contradiction is balance
Nobody is promised a tomorrow
Rebellion is packaged

All my favourite ZooTVisms ... but back to the original entry now.

2:29pm - Or maybe not. Eeee, Bono moodtheme! NOW back to the entry.)

I'm not impressed. I just got only six hours sleep because of James and those idiotic friends he's got around. Shut the hell up, OK? Some of us would like to sleep a bit, you know? You're meant to be twenty, so freakin' ACT LIKE IT. Robby may be a bit of a selfish, troubling prat, but you know what? At least he's polite about it and doesn't make a frigging racket all night.

I just want to go to sleep but I can't.


I have a bit of an idea that I've discussed with a couple of people and I thought I'd see if anyone else is interested as well. Lauren and I have discussed the idea of reading MacBeth and I'm pretty sure Jenna was going to as well (can both of you get yourselves copies by Easter?), and I was wondering if anyone else wanted to join us at all. I could perhaps create a community where we can discuss our opinions and such. Just a thought.

And has anyone here read The Outsider by Albert Camus? First week back next term, we have to do an exam in which we write an internal monologue based around one of the characters (I think we'll have a choice of Marie Cordona, Salamano, and Raymond - I know it definitely will not be Meursault). The book and the ideas in it (i.e. existentialism) are rather interesting, but I do not enjoy the writing style at all, even if it's making a point. It's clunky and uncomfortable to read, and I'm not looking forward to the exam. I think Meursault's a bit of a nutcase anyway, though I do like how he doesn't spout off any old random drivel.

Speaking of exams, I'm not going to study for the Maths B or C problem solving exams. Nope. What's the point? I don't see why I should bother. I've got better things to do with my time than mathematics anyway. I've suddenly got back into my writing again, even if I'm not sure whether I want to keep going with my current story or not. When I read over it I get back into the swing of things and love it, but when I sit and contemplate it, I go all negative and dislike the plot. And I just realised I said a new version of Galatians 4:16 would be online by Easter. Um, ooops? I'll work on it during the Easter holidays, alright?


Because only one song's appropriate for today.

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Let's see how we all go at some trivia now! Some of these are so simple it's not funny, some are harder.

1. Name the person/people that song's about.
2. Where was this song originally invented?
3. What was it originally about?
4. Apart from Edge, who sings backing vocals? (Hint: not a member of U2)
5. Who was he/she credited as, and why?
6. During one performance of Pride, why did Adam Clayton protect Bono?
7. Name your favourite live version (if you have one).
You know your Pride if you can get all of those first six.

I'll answer 1-6 either tomorrow or in comments or whenever else is appropriate, but in regards to seven, most performances of Pride are pretty flat in my opinion. MOST. 31 August 1984, Wellington has that special spark that a whole lot of the others lack. I suppose it's because Edge plays it EXACT - he just launches right into it and plays it just how it is on the album, while on other recordings he makes those silly noises at the start and it just doesn't have that ... 'ringing' sound. Sure it's an anthemic track, but it's got to go on the next tour. We want our 11 O'clock Tick Tock/In God's Country/Exit/Gloria/Acrobat/Surrender/The Three Sunrises, damnit!

Wait, two songs are appropriate for today!

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That's a beautiful song to close The Unforgettable Fire, and it worked so well with the song The Unforgettable Fire live. It's cool the tracks it's been linked with, actually: 11 O'clock Tick Tock, One Tree Hill, Where The Streets Have No Name, One ... hmm, what have I forgotten?
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