March 31st, 2004

Amak Axver

Wake up, the dawn of another Adjective day

Well, well, well.


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Here's something else disgusting.

9.5 billion - litres of water it would take a day to support 4.7 billion people at the UN daily minimum.
9.5 billion - litres of water used a day to irrigate the world's golf courses.

That's so very wrong. A luscious green turf is more important than people dying of thirst now? How wonderful! Feel the selflessness!

Anyway. Johnno has to be the best teacher I've ever had, and SOR's fascinating. We're doing ethics right now, and I'm so deontological (specifically Divine Command deontological) it's not funny. Some various schools of thought are most interesting. Heh, the Stoics are fun and that's what Jamie reckons he is. I see Stoic ethics practiced quite often, though as I said, I'm ultra-deontological.

There's some WONDERFUL Coldplay bashing going on at Interference, particularly in relation to them ripping off U2 (some days I can see the connection, some I can't). Sure, I like Coldplay, but the thread's exciting in a big way. For the record, Clocks is said to be a blatant ripoff of The Unforgettable Fire, just with far worse lyrics. Also, some find that Coldplay induces sleep, so all you insomniacs, take heed of that one.

OH. desert_sky, you are amazing. Eeeee, Brisbane concerts! Though it's curious that the 3 October 1989 bootleg disagrees with the setlists on both and, but actually flows. Hmm. I've found mistakes on the former before, but this would appear to be the first on the latter.

SECOND OH. We have a new longest Bad. This one's about 13:45. Woah, that beats even Live Aid. INSANE. But I still don't have the fabled 15 minute version of 40 from ... somewhere on the Unforgettable Fire tour. Stockholm, is it? Anyone out there know? Anyone out there actually have it?

THIRD OH. It's my father's birthday today. Happy birthday Dad. Better call him, and after that, Maths C study. I still have that knowledge test tomorrow, and I believe I have problem solving exams in both branches of maths next week. A-studying I shall go!
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