March 29th, 2004


Random stuff for the new week

A discussion between Lauren and I (Edited Journal Mix);

Me: Though I think I called some artist you like evil.
Lauren: Mariah? Clay?
Me: Mariah. I'd never call Clay evil. I want you to come here, but not to kill me! See, I like my head right on my head.

I thought that one was amusing enough that it deserved to be recorded for posterity.

On a less amusing note, my stepbrothers are just ... argh. Especially James. It's bad enough that he had two girls around Saturday night/Sunday morning - in Mum's words, "one's a slut, the other's a tart" - and I really don't appreciate it how they sat at the table right outside my door and were talking loudly yesterday morning while I was trying to get some sleep, but what particularly bothers me is how Mum spent a good deal of time cleaning the kitchen ... and then he goes in and turns it into a freakin' pigsty. He's just a grub with no respect. And Robby, well I never know quite what to think about him. Mum says she doesn't see much of me at all lately, and that's for a reason - I don't want to be out in the lounge if Robby's there! I simply am not comfortable around the guy. The Curse of the People Named Robby strikes again! Some people do a good job of ruining particular names, don't they? I'm not so keen on James being out there sometimes either, but he's alright as long as he doesn't have any friends around.

Back to positivity, I'd like to inform the lot of you that SHN files are really, really cool. Especially when extracted to WAV. Though they're that big I reckon one might as well send stuff in WAV anyway - if you have an Internet connection with which you can download SHN, you can download WAV too. I keep on saying I'll replace my MP3 bootlegs ... then I download more! I'm truly dangerous on FTPs and I'm honestly not sure if I should keep hopping on them, because once I do ... well, yeah. Only today did I realise the extent of my U2 addiction, and now I know why some of you are scared. Oh well, don't worry, I'm only doing a few major bootleg trades right now ... and addicted to an FTP ... and desperately waiting for the next portion of Zoomerang Adelaide on U2Star ...

Know this: the version of If You Wear That Velvet Dress by Jools Holland with Bono is AWESOME and flogs any other performance.

To all U2 fans who reckon some songs will NEVER return from the dead, I would like to point out the following awesomeness that I discovered recently;

- 12 June 2001, Philadelphia: Bono quotes Do You Feel Loved during Streets.
- 12 July 2001, Cologne: Hawkmoon 269 --> Desire --> Running To Stand Still medley
- 5 August 2001, Antwerp: Bono sings two verses of Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad, one before Stay, one after.

A quote;
"Good people of Yorkshire, you've made a terrible mistake: George Harrison says you shouldn't be here. It's all big fucking hats and lemons and air. I have one thing for you, George - pump it up!" - 28/08/97, Leeds, Bono at the start of Even Better Than The Real Thing

Seriously, the 28 August 1997 bootleg is just amazing. Insane sound quality.

I love it how they cover Rain by The Beatles at the end. I never thought a Beatles song could be good, but every single time U2's done a cover of them, it's been great. I have no idea what in the world Bono sees in John Lennon, or why anyone even remembers the Beatles. It's not as if they were any good. But hey, U2's made some good covers out of their songs so I suppose that's a redeeming feature.

I think I'm going to stop before I earn any more deaths.
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