March 27th, 2004


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This here angers me. It's taken from a Time magazine article about the guy who wrote that book The Purpose-Driven Life and is about his megachurch;

"... an annual operating budget of more than US$19 million, and now sits on an immaculate 50-hectare campus ... on weekends the 15,000 members and about 5,000 visitors choose from services at six different times and ten different venues around the campus - some with live preachers, some on closed-circuit TV - offering a variety of worship and music styles ranging from quiet hymns in an intimate setting to a tent gathering with roof-raising gospel singing. The hub is the cavernous worship centre. Take away the 3,200 seats, the six-piece band, the suspended wooden cross and the giant video screens, and it could be a 747 aeroplane hangar. In booths outside, ministry leaders promote church workshops on marriage enhancement, parenting, budget planning and addiction recovery. At the children's centre, Sunday school meets Fantasyland with a biblical-themed playground. Teens hang out at the student zone's beach cafe. It's all managed at a two-storey building resembling a corporate office, where 400 paid staff members and 5,000 volunteers handle the church's far-flung missions, ministries and programs." - Time, 29 March 2004, pg53

That's not a church. That's just revolting. I wanted to be sick when I read that. I think I get more fellowship sitting at home talking to people online than I would if I were to go to that. Anyone else think these megachurches are a shocking idea, or is it just me?

How do you feel towards megachurches?

I think they're a good thing
They're a terrible idea
I really don't care/know
Some other way
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