March 25th, 2004

Amak Axver

This subject line comes to you courtesy of the No Creativity Corp.

Here's a revelation for you: excepting mathematical subjects, I do not see the point in any form of major study. I breezed through my Modern History exam after little more than two hours study THIS WHOLE TERM. That's not last night or this week, people, that's a WHOLE TERM. Hmmm. Why do I get the feeling that I could have done the whole term's work in less than half a schoolday? I also think I did pretty fine on my German exam, maybe not as well as I hoped but when Aaron complained about similar stuff to me, that was comforting.

One thing lately is that people have asked me more about my study habits, and it's most amusing to tell people how little I study. Some can't comprehend it - how can I possibly be one of the top students in the grade when I do virtually no study? Well I can't comprehend how some people study for at least three hours a night and are still doing really badly (I can cite numerous examples). I love it when people ask me for my secret or my perfect strategy or whatnot ... because there is none. Maybe I shouldn't enjoy the looks on their faces as much as I do, but oh well. Sam's usually the one who butts in, says I have the memory of an elephant and that explains it well, and I just hope Pat's not around to make a snide comment about me actually being an elephant. Though considering the stuff that he says, calling someone an elephant is pretty kind. That guy's going to have to grow up bloody quick or he'll be slaughtered outside school. He's going into the Army, too! Quickest way for him to be thoroughly slaughtered indeed.

Anyway. Today we had some presentation in the hall where a number of universities, private education providers, TAFE and the defense department spoke on various career pathways. It was pretty good - Bond University's pamphlet STANK, when I spoke to Johnno he had a good go at Griffith's apparent hypocrisy to their attitudes when he was there, and was pretty informative. What annoyed me was that UQ (University of Queensland, where I intend to go), WASN'T THERE! I wanted to find out about their accommodation from a person; there's questions I want to ask that their website doesn't answer. But put it this way: if I can get a private room with an ensuite and high speed Internet connection, I'm there something quick. If I have to share a room or suffer slow Internet, you can forget it; neither of those are negotiable. A shared bathroom is off-putting but that I can live with. Simply, I'm not living with anyone. I'm not a social person, especially not when it comes to my own personal room. Unless you whacked me in a room with a couple of my very closest friends, it's not happening, and even if you did do that I'd probably lose the plot within a week.

Tonight is a nice night, though. No pressing or urgent study, which is a Most Comforting Thing Indeed. I'm going to do some Maths B later because we've been taught it terribly, but first, I may just take a bit of a break and write. Oh yes, write. How I've missed doing that. My one passion, and it continually gets thwarted by school and procrastination. Ahh. I'm looking forward to it. And then there's only four more exams and I'm on holidays. Roll on Easter break in about ten days! No New Zealand, either.

BUT. I need to find a birthday present for my father. Preferably tomorrow. What do I get him? Sending him chocolates seems to annoy him now, and ... what else can I get him? This man is IMPOSSIBLE. He wants things that are too expensive or doesn't know what he wants. Grr. I don't see why parents expect presents from their children when they aren't working anyway. I sure wouldn't. At least my friends and I always know what we want for our birthdays - neither of my parents do, but unlike my father, Mum will actually settle for a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed. Sure, Dad's not here for me to do that to, but if I was in NZ, he'd hardly be satisfied by it, I know what he's like.

Why am I getting absolutely horrid speeds from U2 download websites? I'm getting SHOCKING speeds from Electrical Storms and U2Star, and I'm trying to get a couple of concerts! Grr. Checked this error to see if all international speeds have gone crap or if I've been shaped to slow speeds, but I'm still on full speed and other international sites work fine. This is aggravating. Sure, it's lovely of people to whack bootlegs online and all, but one would have to hope for good speeds. I feel like I'm on dialup, and when I was on dialup I didn't download concerts because it's a waste of time.

On a far more positive note, I would like to announce that I am now the proud owner of bootlegs of both U2 concerts ever played in Wellington - 31 August 1984 (the earliest performance of Pride recorded, though it was most likely played in Christchurch on the 29th - we have no setlist of this show to confirm or deny that) and 8 November 1989. Eeeee. WELLINGTON. And they played Athletic Park on Lovetown (the 08-11-89 show)! I've run on that pitch. So ... I've been where U2's been. And I've been to Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland airports. I'm so cool.

Wow, that last paragraph was the epitome of sad.

Anyway. This entry ends here.
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