March 23rd, 2004

Popmart Adam

You were holding on to every little thing so tightly, 'til there's nothing left for you anyway

You know what I love? Singers who have fine voices, but are just really boring. It's amusing, in some way.

Sigh. It's draining to be anything beyond apathetic sometimes. I feel thoroughly worn out right now and the holidays should do me good. Just two weeks left, I think. And I may have one of those days off thanks to cross country, I think. Ahh.

Sam seems to have gotten onto that Homestar Runner site, but I really don't know what he sees in it. I'd go on a rant about it, but it seems like most people love the place and I'd rather avoid decapitation, thank you very much. But if you want truly hilarious, get someone to hide a video camera in my room and tape me bounding across the room to Discotheque (23 September 1997, Sarajevo). I did that instead of study last night. Well, I did do some study, but ... yeah. So I'm probably utterly screwed for German, but eh. I think I know most stuff and I have a few phrases up my sleeve and spiels to go on with should I find myself stuck. The topic better be nice.

Speaking of nice topics, I've got a debate tomorrow. I will not be shocked in the slightest if we lose ... we may even forfeit. It's a short-prep, so that's fine, but along with the three debators actually speaking, a fourth person goes into the room with them to help. Well ... there's five on the team, but three of them have been at some conference in Canberra and don't get back until later tonight. So they might be tired and may not wish to debate, and I have no idea if we could debate with just two debators (with myself in third, Lauren first, and either one of us doing second). We should be right - we're having a meeting tomorrow morning - though the new Point of Information rule should be rather interesting. Maslin explained it to me today rather well and I conveyed it on to Lauren rather poorly, but I'm excited about it and she seemed to be as well, so it should prove to be rather fun to do. I've always wanted to interrupt the opposition in the middle of a speech ...

Speaking of speaking of things, speaking of people named Lauren, I think a different Lauren to the one on my debating team has a reply or two she needs to remember to do. Loserchild. Hee, as with all the time, I just couldn't help myself. By the way, just in case you haven't, you may want to check here because I know you hate getting up early.

I want to write but I'm afraid I don't have the time. Hmm. Whoever said I couldn't cram it in? You know one thing? It's really weird discovering that something from the Salome Out-takes actually made an official release but you didn't know. For non U2 fans, Axtung Beibi: the Salome Out-takes were recordings stolen from the Berlin studios when U2 was recording Achtung Baby. These consisted of demo tapes of various things - early versions of songs that ended up on Achtung Baby, songs that never made it or reappeared in later forms (lines from Lemon [Zooropa] and Wake Up Dead Man [Pop] can be heard), and the band just mucking around. I never ever made the connection between one Out-take and the Even Better Than The Real Thing b-side title Where Did It All Go Wrong? until I downloaded it last night and instantly exclaimed "THAT'S FROM THE OUT-TAKES!" It was a shock to hear an official recording of something that I didn't think had been released. It's a good song, by the way.

And uh, I should have been studying two and a half hours ago. Ooops? But I think I know my German well enough to get by, and what are morning tea and lunchtime for anyway? Anyway, I still have at least one and a half hours before I need to get sleep so I should be fine.

Yeah, so I'm gone. No, not the song, silly. I wish I was Gone. Mmm.
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