March 21st, 2004


I wish I could be this well-ordered more often.

Firstly, I would like to tell you all that bit torrents are absolutely fantastic. Wembley Nights 3&4 ... *drool* Zooropa and Babyface! The former was played only three times, the latter five.

Secondly, whatever was I going to say here? It was something good and non-U2 related too. Oh! A word of advice: upon hopping out of a shower, ensure that when you go to turn the taps off, that you turn them the RIGHT way unless you would love to get blasted by freezing cold water (or if you're truly unlucky, scorching hot water). Though quite frankly, that cold water was mighty refreshing.

Thirdly, the demo of Electrical Storm is WONDERFUL and is probably how it will sound live. I sure hope so. This flogs both the original and William Orbit mixes.

Fourthly, those who have read my English assignment have remarked on it being quite good, so if anyone wants to comment on it, feel free. Alan expressed surprise, asking if this really is my view, and so for the record, IT IS NOT. I am merely writing something I feel is 'good' and will get me a satisfactory mark; do not debate the politics in it because I am not about to defend it. But if you have any constructive criticism on how it should be improved, I'd love to hear it. Collapse )

Fifthly, this week shall be such grand fun indeed! Exams! Oh joy of joys! Feel the thrill just bursting forth from me. Wednesday: German speaking exam. Thursday: German listening exam, Modern History exam. So tonight I shall study. I was going to earlier today but things got ahead of me. Then there's a heap of maths tests coming up soon too ... I'm thoroughly up the creek for Maths B. I've got to knuckle down and focus over the next week.

Sixthly, do you think Adam Clayton's only sung once (at least on anything officially released, we'll ignore the rumours of backing vocals in the early years)? Do you think his only vocal effort was the last verse of Your Blue Room? Well unless my ears are deceiving me, I think you're wrong. It sounds very much like Adam Clayton doing backing vocals on the 1996 performance of Tomorrow for the Common Ground CD. I even checked it with the end of Your Blue Room and I'm sure it's him. Thoughts, anyone? It's one of the songs available here.

Seventhly, I had a random U2 revelation. I was watching some ZooTV and I was being a bit ... bothered? by the bellydancer onstage and the fact Bono would sing Mysterious Ways to her, when it's about the Holy Spirit. Then suddenly it dawned on me. I got the whole point of it, or at least I think I did. Anyone who knows anything about U2 knows they do everything for a reason, they're not the kind of guys to do something just because they think it's 'cool' or anything, so I figured there had to be a reason behind having a bellydancer onstage during a song that Bono, better than anyone, knows is about the Holy Spirit. Those familiar with ZooTV know it was the biggest send-up of the modern world, consumerism, and the like - it was meant to be ironical, contradictory, and such. It blasted televangelists looking for money with Mirrorball Man, a really slick TV preacher. It blasted television by having a heap of them onstage. It blasted fame by using the 'last of the rockstars', Mister MacPhisto. And - here's what I figured out - it blasted the worship of figure and sex by having Bono sing a song about God to a bellydancer. It suddenly all makes sense.

Eighthly, that is all.
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