March 19th, 2004

Amak Axver

Say so, say so ...

I think, to kick off this entry, I'll bring you today, in chronological order.

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Now that today's out of the way, some promised thoughts on driving. A discussion, my friends getting licenses, and most notably the presentation yesterday have brought things into focus for me, and so I'm going to jot down my thoughts. Basically ... if it weren't for the dependence some people have upon the car, I would wholeheartedly support the minimum driving age being raised to eighteen or even twenty-one. The simple fact of the matter is that a lot of teenagers who get their licenses are not mature enough to have one (sure, that's ruining it for the minority who can drive, but we can't have an excessive number of idiots driving around in lethal weapons). I'd only feel safe in a car driven by about ten people in my whole grade of one hundred and twenty, which is a sad commentary on the ability or lack thereof of the people I know. Too often I see teenagers doing things with their car that is something other than good driving. Anyone feel the same way towards driving age and teenage driving as I do? Ha, probably not.

I don't see why many of these people really need cars anyway. They just drive them around to show off and boost their ego, nothing more. Alright, so having one's own transport is convenient, especially when employed, but one would have to hope the public transport networks are good enough. This seems to be a misplaced hope, and so is the one that the people who do town planning on the Gold Coast have any braincells at all. They're building some new shopping centre right by where Mudgeeraba Road crosses the Pacific Highway, and I bet they're going to absolutely botch it up and ruin traffic flow. They did with the 'improvements' to the Gooding Drive roundabout, as anyone who's been around there at 3:15-3:30 on a school day will attest! The council's utterly useless - they approve things that should never have been approved (common sense says you do not build on a floodplain, but a good deal of this city defies that), and do road modifications that just cause more problems, not naming specific locat- GOODING DRIVE ROUNDABOUT! There is going to be a terrible multiple-car (or probably truck) fatal accident there sooner or later. Diverting Nerang-Broadbeach Road through there was the sheer essence of stupidity.

Celebrate: As reported last night, my scanner is now fixed. This weekend I shall waste some film so I can develop what's on there, notably the picture of me half asleep, glasses-less, with fading blue hair.

What's with my stepbrothers and having terrible taste in music? Turn off that obnoxious noise with a whiny, pathetic singer, or at least turn it down so that I don't have to hear it over what I'm playing through my headphones. Politeness. Thank you.

Oh, busy weekend of study. How thrilling. Surely some kindly soul out there will be more than happy to do my work, assignments, and exams for me! Make your offer now!

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So I felt like being all random. And the original version of Lady With The Spinning Head leaves the Extended Dance Remix on the Best Of B-sides CD for absolute dead.
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