March 18th, 2004


Take up your dreams and on your way

*checks watch* Yes, it is 5:30pm, as in the evening, so why does tonight's sunset look like a sunrise? Most peculiar indeed, but it looks very nice, and is fading. I love sunsets - not quite as much as sunrises, I'm a real sucker for those, but they're still good. Especially when they look like my favourite sunrises. But ... now the clouds are blocking it and I'm getting this feeling the weather's about to turn bad. Please don't; I have school tomorrow and I don't want sport to be cancelled due to rain. When sport's cancelled, that means I have to stay later unless I sneak out, which could have very bad consequences. Hmm. But ... I've never had to stay before. The weird thing is I can't remember how I've managed to get home in previous years. I suppose if it does rain, I'll just walk in and try to sign out anyway. And now it is raining. This better go away by morning!

Today we had a presentation in year level assembly to do with driving, getting one's license, insurance, and such. I thoroughly wasted my time there seeing I'll never be able to drive and I don't see why I had to go. But ... I don't see why people make such a big deal out of driving anyway. It's like when people make a big deal out of getting a tan. Maybe it's because I'm albino, but I honestly do not see the point in getting a tan. Can somebody tell me? Looks like a stupid waste of time to me.

Speaking of stupid wastes of time: teenage relationships. Wow, that was so unpredictable of me to say! A lot of people don't wish to believe me, but they ARE. If you're not planning on marriage, why waste your time with a relationship that's going to end (most likely with hurt and heartbreak) when you could instead form a lifelong, solid friendship? Am I the only person who sees the logic in that, or am I totally missing the point somewhere?

Anyway, I never anticipated that detour. Today I made some major decisions. Jamie and I were talking at lunch after everyone else vanished from us, and we got onto what we're going to do with our lives. We were discussing how I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life, so we headed off to see the careers advisor as study began (for the bell had rung), and he was glad to see me, so we sat down and had a very good talk. Most enlightening, and now I have a general idea of what I'm going to do at the end of this year.

Going to university in Queensland is obviously the most convenient, and because, with our OP, we get equivalents in other states, I can go straight into a university anywhere in Australia no problems. I've been toying with studying overseas, but that will be more complex and involves a number of exams, not to mention the obvious of figuring out where to go, where to live, how to earn money to survive, and the like. So I'm going to complete my education here in Queensland - probably at the University of Queensland - and then get myself out of this country. UQ's supposed to be the most internationally recognised name out of all the ones in this state, so if I plan on living and working outside Australia, it's the best bet. Furthermore, once I finish university and if I decide to live overseas, I'll have my qualifications, I don't need any conversions or anything, so things will be FAR easier.

What am I going to study? Something along journalistic lines. While I've been very uncertain of late, the advisor managed to quite easily pick up that writing, particularly journalism, was the thing I should aim for and gave me a few tips about how things work here. I was quite happy with that, so it looks like I'm going to study some form of journalism at UQ. Then I'll leave this country.

Honestly, I don't like it here on the Gold Coast any more. It's getting too big, and ... I just don't want to live here any more. I want to go elsewhere. Mum had to get petrol so we took an alternate way home, and talk about a traffic nightmare! It's terrible. I'm not a city person. I'd be far happier living in some small town with only a few thousand people. Maybe a bit more. Enough to have a movie theatre and a set of traffic lights or two. Then I'd feel like I'm in civilisation, but it'd be nice and small and likeable. Australia holds no fascination for me any more. New Zealand I'll always love, and I at least want to go to America for a holiday to see all of my friends there, but Australia ... firstly, they can't seem to acknowledge the superiority of the All Blacks, and secondly (and seriously) I'm just ... I don't feel like living here much longer. So yeah, goodbye Australia. Maybe I'll write a persuasive feature article on why the All Blacks are so much better than the Wallabies some day, just for you.

Hmm, this entry took a remarkable length of time to write. Maybe because of the dinner in the middle. Yes. That was a really irrelevant comment.

--- 9:48pm ---

One thing I managed to forget to mention is my adventures with the alarm clock. I was saying how I love sunrises to sblood last night, and she challenged me to get up early this morning and enjoy it. After all, it was early enough that I'd get a good night's sleep. Well, I was going to get up at 5am, but then I decided on 5:45 after I got caught up reading and time went by a bit too fast. I thought it was a reasonable time and still nice and early. But when 5:45 came, my alarm went off ... I woke up, a bit ... I acknowledged it was morning ... and rolled over and went back to sleep. I enjoyed the extra hour and fifteen minutes and got up at normal time after a refreshing and longer-than-normal night's sleep. Hah! Maybe tomorrow I'll be up with the sun ... or maybe not.

Mothers Of The Disappeared from 12 December 1987, Hampton is simply AWESOME. Bow to the awesomeness. I wish I could understand Spanish so I could decipher what Bono's singing at one point ... or is it just Bongoliese? Sometimes he quotes some traditional Spanish song, but ... no, this time he's just singing, I think. I've caught English words. Maybe he's mixing the two ...? I think so. Oh, I don't know. Decide on a language, Bono!

Warning: there is a high likelihood of a rant on driving tomorrow. Who here feels seventeen is too young an age to be driving at?

--- 10:55pm ---

Ever wondered what the best live performances of various U2 songs are? Have your questions answered now!

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--- 11:28pm ---

ShockhorrorgaspHOORAY. My scanner works again! Here I was, thinking there was some major mechanical fault, and all I needed to do was download a patch. Ha! Now I need to get some photos developed, notably the one of me half asleep with blue hair.
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