March 17th, 2004

Amak Axver

I was going to make some pun on the fact it's Saint Paddy's Day, but I have no ideas. So uncreative!

Hello, my name is André Withoutalastname, and I have an 11 O'clock Tick Tock addiction. I don't want to be cured, I just want U2 to play it again, for me, exactly like 5 June 1983. I thought I already loved this song, but I just rediscovered it - I didn't think that possible, but it just happened, so it has to be - and now I'm doing something that may be akin to attempting to dance while sitting down and playing air guitar.

Hmm ... question for those of you at/been to university: how necessary is a job for getting oneself through those few years? For the Internet addicts that I'm sure are out there who also have jobs ... how do you survive away from your computer with both schooling and work? Schooling I can tolerate, work I can tolerate, but both at once sounds terribly unpleasant. Also, for a job, how realistic is it to ask for Sundays off on grounds of personal faith? I'm aware I know absolutely nothing about how things work.

The luck o' the Irish to ye! 'Tis Saint Paddy's Day, "today we're making you all Irish" - Bono. OK, so that quote's not from a Saint Paddy's Day concert, but I'm listening to the 17 March 1982 one right now and not only is the sound quality simply FANTASTIC, it is a very good concert with the best Out Of Control ever and the first performance of Tomorrow. Hmm ... this might be the best Twilight ever, too. It's either this or 5 June 1983.

Today, Queenie put on the best Irish accent, it was wonderful. He's just a great bloke all-round. I spent a bit of time going through some Maths C with him today and I suddenly have this remarkable ability to understand it all. I'm feeling a lot better about the looming exam - April 1, I think it is. Maths B I'm not feeling so good about, so I may spend some time with Queenie or Johnno and go over that too. I'm just not that happy with Robbo's teaching or my class; I get distracted, everyone's too noisy, and I honestly feel like I've learnt NOTHING. I'm doing exercises out of the book, following the procedure, not knowing why we do that, and that's fine for the knowledge exam, but with problem solving, you need to know the in's and out's fairly well. Z-scores are hateful little things anyway.

Here's some advice for you: just because you have a lot of time on an exam, a lot of time you'll never need, is absolutely no reason to slack off and go slowly. I did that on my Geography, plodded along at my own lazy pace, and nearly didn't finish copying out my good copy today. Luckily I made it, just as time ran out. Having a watch on REALLY helps ... especially when you look at it to pace yourself! I should've been looking at it a lot earlier than 15 minutes before the end with a significant chunk still not copied out. But I feel very good about what I've written and I hope to do well.

I was tremendously productive today, actually. In the space of about forty minutes, spread out over home room, English, and SOR, I managed to start and complete the Modern History essay I thought I was totally stuffed on - I seriously just made up stuff, got to random conclusions, and waffled (I'm told I'm good at waffling in a non-boring manner, though, and hence can't get marked down) - and now I'm actually in some kind of a mood to work. I'm undecided as to whether I'll hand in my English first draft as-is tomorrow or rewrite it tonight. I'm going to do some maths study and German homework first and see what kind of time I've got left. Plus, I want to get a little more done on my story because I'm currently halfway through a scene. Literally. The last thing on the page is a comma. I rather abruptly ended last time, obviously.

Grant did the most hilarious mocking of the page that appears when you try to access a blocked site on the school Internet. He used Frontpage to change it, and my favourite line: "Reason(s) for blocking: Public display of Patrick Ranty."

I also created this piece of news for the daily notices that I'm going to try to get printed sometime this year: "We would like to inform you of the death of André Withoutalastname. Free cake is available in the hall as part of an entirely unrelated celebration."
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