March 16th, 2004

Under A Blood Red Sky

We turn away to face the cold, enduring chill

Today was one of those days when you find out who your real friends are.

I am very disappointed in the vast majority of humanity, and I think I'm sunburnt. See, this is why you don't want to be an albino - wait just five minutes in the sun for your Mum to pick you up, and you get burnt. The school needs more shade at the hall carpark.

Geography exam continues to go very nicely. I'm finished, all I need to do is complete my neat copy that's actually legible. Compared to most people, my rough copy's probably very legible, but I'm pedantic about this sort of thing, and my first two paragraphs of my original did stink something fierce.

Jamie wasn't at school today, so I'm even more utterly stuffed for Modern History. But the textbook's bloody useless, so I don't see how I'm expected to do well.

We had a special chapel service this morning featuring a band called Iron And Clay. Had them last year and I didn't like them, apart from an awesome guitarist they had, so I was looking forward to seeing him. But ... he wasn't there. That was really odd. But I actually enjoyed myself, at one point they got the whole of grade twelve up on stage, and it felt a bit on the spiritual side, which makes a change from normal chapels.

Anyway. Very disappointed in a number of people, hence the rather poor nature of this entry.

--- 10:12pm ---

Hey look, tomorrow's the day when we're all Irish. *prepares the U2ness early*

Maybe to commemorate the day, I'll type up the fanladish babble I simply don't have time to do right now. I'm thinking I should try to do this stupid Modern History essay and hopefully get by somehow. Glad it doesn't count for marks, but I understand the exam's next week and my knowledge stinks.
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