March 15th, 2004

Amak Axver

Call out your name, call out in shame

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with truth, and this is the truest thing I've seen in a long time.

But that was posted by Lauren, who hacked my Journal. 3vil chyld. But I love you, because that's just hysterical. Back to the proper entry now.

First things first, I AM VERY AMUSED. For why? Because I just heard Clay Aiken's Solitaire BEFORE LAUREN. The scary part is that I liked it, so I'm now cranking up some really early U2 - namely my equal favourite concert ever, 5 June 1983, Denver - to make me feel better about myself. My other equal favourite concerts? 13 December 1981, Lido Beach, and 23 September 1997, Sarajevo. You so cannot go past Sarajevo. I don't think anyone couldn't like that; it's just humanely impossible.

And now I did want to go on with that line of fanladishness, but LiveJournal decided to be an absolute pest to me. See, this makes no sense. Lately, I've been unable to access a lot of sites. Nearly everything from New Zealand, along with the Electrical Storms MB, is thoroughly inaccessible - all I get is This Page Cannot Be Displayed, over and over again. It's maddening like you wouldn't believe. Anyone got any ideas why? I've cleared the cache, restarted, done all that. LiveJournal just started to do it to me, and I was getting very angry and flustered, as Lauren will attest, and it's lucky there were no innocent breakable and very replaceable items nearby, because they would've been broken.

The scanner/printer should be fixed soon, so this is very good news. Today was a most interesting day. Two studies are always good, I finished a first draft of my English essay attacking Bush, my Geography exam continues to go VERY nicely, and Maths B is infuriating with stupid, nonsensical Z-score crap. Maths C is meant to be harder than B, but in practice, it's the complete opposite, as can be seen by the fact I got a Satisfactory in B last year and a Very High in C. Ha. Suck on that, stupid school system.

During Maths B, we had a substitute teacher who is very nice and whose name I unfortunately have forgotten because I'm daft, and so I spent half the lesson talking to her about many things. Some teachers are so great. Whatever happened to Mister Beverstock? That guy is quite possibly the most awesome teacher I've ever met. We'd sit there talking all lesson about very serious theological stuff, and it was WONDERFUL. Sure, I didn't get work done, but I LEARNT stuff and it was all very intelligent and nice. Teachers need to be away more often so that I can have Mister Beverstock more often. I haven't seen him in ... a year? A while, anyway.

Hmm. LiveJournal's frustrated me and derailed any train of thought. OH! That's it. Derailed. I derailed the conversation with Dad last night. I lost my nerve, and really, I didn't want to get into an argument with him. So hopefully he got the VERY CLEAR AS DAY hint that I'm not coming over at Easter. I really want to avoid strife here.

Also what's frustrated me is some of what I've been told tonight about some people. Grr. I'm sick of people missing the point, especially when it comes to Christianity. There are that many stupid misconceptions out there it's not funny. No, you don't need to go to church. No, you don't have to read the KJV. No, you don't have to live up to ANY standard. None of us can. Christians don't have the desire to sin? Put the crack down and realise that a Christian is just as imperfect as anyone else, you drongo. No, you CAN listen to secular music, good bob. If you're not going to listen to secular music, go trash your TV, burn your newspapers, and make sure, when you go to the hospital, that you only have Christian doctors. So what if you die? You weren't operated on by a heathen like me who hasn't been baptised!

Er, yes, I realise the sarcasm kicked in a bit there. But gah, this makes me so flaming mad. I may elaborate more on this later if I have the time. But there's work that I must do tonight. Christianity has this way of annoying me so much sometimes.


And actually, all that came from about 7:10ish, and was about to be posted before my Internet went down for no apparent reason and stayed down for about one and a half hours. I always panic like crazy when my Internet goes down and frantically call the help line. I don't know why; I suppose it's just part of how I like things exactly so. But all is good now and I'm alright again.

Plus, I'm utterly up the creek for Modern History. Eeeep.

Oh, and EEEEE, all sites work fine now! Jubilation! Things have suddenly gotten VERY MUCH BETTER. Hurrahness.

--- 11:18pm ---

I just downloaded the MOST AWESOME U2 video. It's the second half of 30 May 1983, Devore, California (I already have the first half). During The Cry/The Electric Co., Bono scales the stage and sings the rest of the song from the roof of the stage. It's just amazing. I'd love to screenshot it but I don't know how to on Windows Media Player and when I use a program I do know how to screenshot on, it won't let me because it's in WMV format or something. Help?

Also, I just realised I forgot to tell my mouse story. While I was obeying the call of nature last night, this big freakin' black thing shot out from behind the toilet (didn't like being poisoned, I suppose), shot across the room, and managed to squeeze its way under the bottom of the door. It happened that fast that I didn't know if it was a mouse or the world's biggest bloody cockroach, and didn't find out until this morning when Robby saw it too. So we now have a mouse popping up at random intervals in the house.

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