March 13th, 2004

Amak Axver

The scourge of the evil technology strikes back!

Wow. Technology just hates me today. Firstly, I can't get into my e-mails AT ALL, and now secondly, MSN's signed out on me and won't let me sign back in. So Lauren, I think we're stuck with trying AIM for a voice conversation. Not like I thought MSN would work anyway. Hotmail not working is particularly annoying seeing I reasoned that I'd reply to a bunch of e-mails this morning that I've put off replying to for absolute ages ... see, folks, it's Murphy's Law.

Really, anyone who knows me knows just how much I like everything to be JUST SO. Everything's meant to work, it's meant to go exactly how it should, and all is nice. When it doesn't, that really throws me off and I start feeling odd, even when it's merely as simple as Hotmail and MSN not working. It's MEANT to work, it SHOULD work, it's supposed to be working this very second, so why isn't it? See, this is why I don't like change much and why I have everything planned out very nicely in my mind. Work, you fiends!

Today will most likely be the most uninteresting day known to mankind, for the simple reason I am going to do work, I'm going to try to make myself like it, and all will be good with the world. Procrastination shall preferably be no more. Despite how much I like to slack off, there sadly is some work that needs to be done, and now we've got a whole bunch of exams approaching. I need to get a grasp on dates and times, otherwise it's going to creep up on me unawares and I'll be caught without enough study. The Maths B exam is going to be on April Fool's Day, and that prompted a very amusing conversation in the library yesterday.

Rebekah (I think it was): When's the maths exam?
Queenie: April Fool's Day.
Rebekah: What date's that?

April Fool's Day appears to have claimed a victim early this year. The Maths C exam will be about then too, and I really need to do some study for that because some concepts I'm just not totally getting. Listening a bit more in class and actually practicing formulas would probably do me a whole lot of good, but it's kind of hard to concentrate when you have myself, Sam, Tom, and Pat in the same room. The ironic part about it is that apart from Pat, we're some of the highest achieving students.

I had a very interesting talk with Jamie last night that I wish I could talk about but can't. In any case, grade twelve strikes hard. It looks like a bunch of people are already starting to crack under the pressure, which is one reason why I think the school system is absolutely stuffed. People are expected to do more and more work, and they're going to burn themselves out. I'm just waiting for a pile of people to thoroughly burn themselves out this year - I can see it coming in a few people in my classes, and it's sad some people are pushed into this, whether it be by the school, their parents, or even themselves. The school system, in my eyes, is a failure and needs to be completely renovated. People do not learn nearly enough in primary school, and the jump from grade seven to eight is far too big, and so is the one from nine to ten (or ten to eleven, depending when the school chooses to split up subjects). What the two massive jumps does to some people is not right at all. It'll be interesting to see what the transition from high school to university is like.

--- 10:38am ---

I forgot to add a bit on the terrorist attacks over in Spain. They're just awful ... it's sad how terrorism really is reaching out to touch all parts of the world. It's hardly something confined to places of strife such as Israel and Jammu-Kashmir any more. Seems like more and more nations are having their own defining moment of horror, be it 11/09/01, 12/10/02, or 11/03/04 or whenever, though we can't overlook the fact that while our countries have had these horrific incidents, they're nothing when compared to various nations that experience terrorism on a regular basis. America's been attacked on its own soil ONCE, Australia was targeted offshore in Bali, but there are places where acts of violence are much more commonplace. I must say you don't see these people invading foreign countries because of it, but tirades like that are beside the point.

I simply do not understand the mentality of someone who launches a terrorist attack, whether they are bombing a Bali nightclub or opening fire on Jewish settlers or anything else. How can anyone possibly bring themselves to do that? No cause can possibly justify the coldblooded murder of innocent people who just happen to fall into your line of sight. Innocents NEVER deserve to die, and it makes no difference how just your cause happens to be. You've immediately discredited yourself and brought shame to your cause by attacking people and viciously murdering them. Really, don't they see the illogic in it anyway? Blowing people apart can't help your cause - all it does is fosters hate and sets you back even further, because now people don't want to listen to you and won't respect you.

On another note, it's interesting to see who they're blaming for this latest carnage. Initially they were saying ETA (the Basque separatist group, and I happen to support the idea of Basque independence, though I abhor the means some use to try to get it, and the end does not always justify the means), and now they seem to be confident of that. If it was ETA, they've now taken things to a dangerous new level, having killed roughly a quarter of the grand total they've killed in the last forty years, and for the first time launching an attack outside the Basque area. That's why I'm not that convinced it really was them, despite the evidence that may point towards it. Terrorist groups have been set up before. Then again, I don't quite believe it's al-Qaeda either, because they're basically the first person to point fingers at now and it doesn't seem like their kind of work. So hmm. It'll be interesting to see what new evidence comes to light.

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--- 11:40am ---

Oh finally, MSN and Hotmail work. I like things so much better when they work.

--- 5:04pm ---

I can't believe I forgot! Today one Mister Adam Clayton of the rock band U2 is celebrating his forty-fourth birthday. Happy birthday to one of the coolest bassists in the world!
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