March 8th, 2004

Amak Axver

Fear me, for my fandom is the AntiChrist and this is post #666

So I must be evil, for this is my 666th post on LJ. I randomly spotted this fact for no apparent reason. I was going to do something to celebrate, but I ran out of ideas and fast. Just fear me, do as I say, and send me U2 bootlegs, and the celebration will be good enough indeed!

I thought I would just tell you AntiChrist-wannabes that you are NOT the AC. Sorry to disappoint you, but the very man who defined genuine cool in his essence is also the AntiChrist. Proof? Adam Clayton = AC = AntiChrist. And here we were thinking The Edge - er, TEH EDGE - was the dreaded one.

Oh look, it's a poll, inspired by the final of a battle of the bands at one messageboard I go to. I was rather elated when I noticed that my two favourite bands were the two that made it to the final.

Who is better - Pink Floyd or U2?

The one and only Floyd!
It's all about the letter U and number 2!

There's another poll I want to do, but that might be overkill. So it can wait a few days. I definitely surely maybe hopefully won't forget.

So. I went to the doctor's today about The Issue I Do Not Discuss Publicly, got a diagnosis, had a few treatments thrown in my general direction, and hopefully things will get better soon. Looks like I won't be going to The Passion on Wednesday now, but I don't know. I'll miss school tomorrow, and they may request that I have longer off and work from home. That's just what I bloody need - time off in my most important year! And I love you too, immune system. Though I do love U2. Seems like illness is out to get me, which is hardly an unusual thing.

I cannot get over the brilliant weather today. Here I was, thinking a cyclone - or at least something close to it - had just rolled through. How fooled was I! It still feels like summer now. The following I would be much happier without;

1. Brilliant sunshine
2. Warm temperatures
3. Lack of a breeze
4. No clouds in the sky

I'm serious. I like my weather cold, preferably a bit on the wet side, and a nice breeze never goes astray. I'm so from Wellington. I really cannot wait for Those Months That Are Slightly Cooler Than Summer, aka 'winter'. Dad wants me to go over at Easter ... but I don't want to. Firstly, there's that forty hour walk on the last weekend of the holidays that I'll be participating in in some capacity, be it actually walking or just organising things and such, and secondly, I just don't want to waste my holidays at Dad's boring house. Of course, this means he'll ask me to go over in winter, which is even more hateful, but it's his own stupid fault that he didn't ask me to go over during summer. He knew I had time off, he knew that while I was looking for a job, I didn't have one, and he knew I wouldn't be able to argue that I'm too busy. I had more than enough time to go over, he knew it, and he didn't ask until it was way too late to make any form of booking. Dumb git.

I miss the Soon MB. More precisely, I miss having a place that's ours. Losing YTF was a catastrophe, but a few of us went to Soon and at least sort of made a go of it. Well ... OK, so we have that Ted Dekker board, but it's all tempermental on me, plus it's unknown and there's lots of people there I don't know, with no familiar faces. The fact a lot of discussion there is about books I haven't read doesn't help, though that didn't seem to stop most of us at Soon. CF has lost its allure ... it's gone so boring, especially the Teens board. So hm. But then there's the comfort of LJ, and that's good.

I've got to do work. I've got to do e-mails. I should put my Time magazines in order. THAT is going to be a momentous task. I've subscribed to Time since late 1997, with about a year's break around 1999. It's pretty much in order to about 2002, but from then it's just a mess, and it generally needs a tidy-up. But it comes in handy something incredible ... you would not believe how many times my Time archives have saved my butt at school. I know I'm a nerd, thank you. If the really thick glasses didn't give it away, this paragraph sure did.

On that note, good afternoon all. Go crank your copy of 5 June 1983, Denver right up. If you don't have a copy, shame on you; go get one.

--- 7:46pm ---

Dear Owner of Electrical Storms MB,

Please stop changing the messageboard's address or I'll be forced to impale you on one of your own bootlegs. I do not know how to impale someone on a circular CD, but I'll figure it out. One change was tolerable. Two was fine. Three's pushing it. Now I've lost count of how many times it's changed and I've lost the new address. Please find somewhere and STAY. Faraway, so close. Up with the static, and the radio. With satellite television, you can go anywhere ...
Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast, and Berlin
And if you listen, I can’t call
And if you jump, you just might fall
And if you shout, I’ll only hear you

Sorry for randomly breaking into Stay (Faraway, So Close!).

Kindest regards,

PS I now have the new address, what a relief. Please don't change on me again, it's scary not knowing where you and your wonderfully online bootlegs are.

Now to a different note not at all related to that letter. I've said it before enough times that it's probably starting to sound tired and cliché, but I have NO grasp of dates or times, and the proof is that I originally dated this entry at 6:23 rather than 5:23. Wow, well done André. And for a second here, when I noted my info said the update was two hours ago and that my computer said the time was significantly less than that if the update really was at 6:23, I thought my computer was wrong. Ha.

But this edit is for a much more worthy reason. The moon looks freakin' RED.

'Falling, falling/The moon is running red/Falling, falling/I'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky/And the moon has turned red over One Tree Hill'

That is my Fire --> One Tree Hill medley. I know the two songs are so thoroughly different that such a mix does not work, but it was fun.

I actually did have another wonderfully awesome statement to make, but I lost it the second I stepped back into my room after having dinner (though cajun chicken is delightful). So you'll all have to live with this. Enjoy.
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