March 5th, 2004

Amak Axver

We're beaten and blown by the wind

So. A cyclone's decided it'd be fun to beach itself on the Queensland coast. There's a Top Priority Severe Weather Warning out for the whole place from north of Gladstone, probably where Mum's at right now!, down to Coolangatta, which is the southern part of the Gold Coast, right on the border with New South Wales. I'm not that far to the north of Coolangatta. They're predicting heavy winds and squalls, which I'm currently experiencing right now. Things will be worse to the north of us, with 130km/h gusts of wind expected. Apparently Fraser Island is going to get wasted, according to folks at school (that's a good few hours north of me). I'm thinking we should be right, there'll just be the violent winds and some heavy rain. It's only drizzling now but there was a random explosion of rain over school at 10:30 and it looks like there's been some heavy stuff here (I've not long got home from school).

I'm more worried about Mum's boat than anything. They should be OK, but that doesn't make me feel better, especially seeing no-one here's heard anything from them, despite the sending of text messages. Hmm. But Mum grew up on boats in storms, so that's slightly reassuring. Grandad was a chef on the boats that crossed Cook Strait and so Mum went over a lot ... if I remember right, she was on the boat that crossed just before the Wahine, and Kiwis should know about that, the worst boating accident in Kiwi history. In any case, my mother grew up crossing Cook Strait in all kinds of weather, so it's not like she's not used to heavy seas.

It'll be interesting to see how this cyclone progresses ... to the praying types, I'd appreciate your prayers for this area, things definitely sound like they are (going to be) unpleasant to my north.

In other news, remember my Geography exam of a couple of weeks ago or so? I topped the class! I suggest you all try that sometime, it has a way of making you feel REALLY, REALLY GOOD. I know I'm top of Geography and all, but I felt I'd done poorly and didn't expect to top the class, especially not by a bloody mile. Now we have another exam, an in-class essay, on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully I'll do well on that too. Wow, topping the class, that's a load off my mind and it's a wonderful sign for my final mark. Makes me feel better. So it's only one exam, but still, I've passed my first test (pardon the pun) and so from here on in, I'll be more comfortable.

In other news ... History work tonight, I'll work on my story, I'm very proud of Lauren, the Gold Coast has now entirely vanished from view outside my window, and ... a certain something has gone from one place to another and is worse than I'd like it to be. But no worries, Mum'll be back tomorrow. I wonder if this cyclone will delay her ...?

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Amak Axver

Random power cuts and other such hassles anger me.

LiveJournal not working for me at all and hence Aaron having to post this for me also angers me. Why the zark can't I access anything on LJ? Everyone else I've asked can, but it just won't work at all for me. I can receive comments and reply to them via e-mail, but that's it. So if anyone knows anything about what I should do, speak up.

It just baffles me why it's so thoroughly dead. Ah well, at least everything else is working, and hopefully all will be fine tomorrow, especially seeing I need to talk to light_so_bright.Technology - so infuriating sometines.

This has been an Aaron Production.
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