March 2nd, 2004

Amak Axver

Night hangs like a prisoner, stretched over black and blue ...

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Alright, better calm down a bit, there's other things to be mentioned. Firstly, Sam broke his finger in rugby training a few weeks ago, and it was healing nicely. Sure, it was bad, but he could still write and this week he got back into rugby training. Well guess what happened last night during training. Yep. A pass was thrown out too far in front of him, he reached out to grab the ball, it caught his finger, and thoroughly broke it. It was bent back at an angle of forty-five degrees. So now his arm's in a sling to keep it up in the air (something to do with not letting blood run down into it, I missed the specifics), he can't write for 2-3 weeks, and he's on these painkiller tablets that have such an effect upon him that he's nicknamed them 'Solid PMS'. I laughed, intensely.

I hate graphics calculators with a mad, raging passion. If they'd cared to give us manuals, I'd hate them a lot less. But just how many nonsensical, almost illegible abbreviations does one calculator need? Fah.

SOR exam on Thursday. Must study intensely tonight.

Geography exam on Monday/Tuesday. Must write practice essay tonight.

English essay due on the 26th. Must begin first draft tonight. I'm going to compare events in Miller's Crucible to the War On Terrorism, and George Bush has handed me brilliant quotes galore courtesy of his State Of The Union 2003 address. I'll post the essay in some form or another on here.

German verbs to learn. Many German verbs. We'll have an exam on them sometime soon ... I've finally discovered how the teachers are going to get us to do formative exams. Formative exams do not count towards end-of-year marks, summative ones do, and when we were told NEARLY all exams are summative in grade twelve, I figured they really meant 'all' but had to account for subjects that don't count towards the final result. Surely no teacher was so daft as to set a formative exam! No-one would study for it - if you've got three summative exams and a single formative exam, which one do you think is going to get neglected in the studying? The formative one, of course. BUT they have found a way to get us to do them - we'll be doing one for German and how we go will be reflected on our effort mark, and that sometimes can prove to be quite important. Bah, I say, bah.

You know, I've always wondered how I've achieved consistently good effort marks. I think I've only received a C for effort once, which is astounding seeing I rarely put any effort in at all. Even in classes where I've mucked about I've still gotten good results. I think that's so odd, I'd love to go ask some of my teachers how I've gotten that. Obviously they have no idea that it normally takes me a single night to churn out an A-grade essay ... speaking of essays, I best do a Modern History essay tonight as well. Considering my amount of work, maybe I should shut up and go do some.
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