March 1st, 2004



A number of things are pissing me off right now.

1. Many, many members of the Protestant church. Lately I've told a few people that I'm tempted to become a Catholic just to spite a number of Protestants I know ... wrong motives, of course, but the idea without the reason of spite has also appeared in my mind ... I guess I'll have to investigate my motives. Really, divisions like Catholic/Protestant annoy me because THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN and they WERE NOT NECESSARY. But look what imperfect people do ...

2. Teenagers. Freakin' teenagers. I hatehateHATE being one because that means I'm classified in with all those other bloody dickheads, and I know I rant about it a lot but that's because I can't stand it. There are absolutely no words to describe just how much them and their behaviour TICKS ME OFF TO AN EXTREME. Get out of the following places: 1. gutter, 2. stupidity, 3. ignorance, and 4. a number of other places. Yeah, Jamie. Yeah, Burns. Yeah, most of you. Grow up, and do it immediately. Thank you.

3. Taking God's name in vain (and this extends to all similar crap like 'OMG' and people who use 'gosh' and other substitutions instead of 'God'). I don't care if you're a Christian or not, it's pretty bloody illogical anyway. I hear it ... and it just doesn't make sense. I said it as an atheist, and now I look back on it, and I see it made absolutely no sense at all. Why would you? I ... don't see the point in it.

4. Matt Marino. I know I should be loving ... but GAAAAH. He drives me up the wall soooo bloody much. There are no words ... I wanted to do some grievous bodily harm to him today. Yes, yes, call me a hypocrite, that's wrong, but I'd bet you'd feel the exact same way if you spent just a few minutes around this obnoxious bastard.

5. ... I better not say. Not now, anyway ... go away ... by Friday ...


POPMART VCDS ARRIVED TODAY! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I am THRILLEDTHRILLEDTHRILLED and simply cannot wait to watch them! And there's another parcel for me waiting at the post office that will most likely be one containing more VCDs! Gaaaah! Eeeeee! SQUEENESS!

Everything ran smoothly today, so very smoothly, AND POPMART VCDS! I resolved that I'm not sitting near anyone again in class because it causes me to not do work, I got Popmart VCDs, I enjoyed a wonderful ice cup at about the time my Popmart VCDs would've arrived in the letterbox, I'm thrilled about the Popmart VCDs, and I got Popmart VCDs. So all in all, I got Popmart VCDs and had a good day on which I got Popmart VCDs.

You'd never guess Popmart's my favourite tour.
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