February 21st, 2004

Amak Axver

See them driving nails into souls on the tree of pain ...

Today was HOT. Alan recorded the temperature at 46C. For you folks who only understand Fahrenheit, that would be 115. Apparently it was about 3-4 degrees (Celsius) cooler in the shade, which is where I stayed ... with my two fans ... that blew around hot air. Are still blowing around hot air. Though it's not so bad now. Earlier today, everything was hot. My computer desk was hot, my chair was hot, my glass was hot - it didn't matter what you touched, it was very much on the hot side of things. I woke up at about 8:30am and it felt like being smacked in the face with a physical manifestation of hot. Why we're eating HOT pizza for dinner, I don't know. Maybe putting it in the freezer until icicles start hanging off it would be a better idea.

And even if temperature readings here aren't all that bad, the humidity's shocking. To quote Alan last night, considering the humidity, "thirty degrees here might as well be forty anywhere else." Someone want to remind me why we moved here? I can't wait for winter. I'm seriously thinking about moving to a colder climate once I finish university.

So it was really too hot to do anything today, and I honestly cannot believe schools expect us to work in this heat. Some of our teachers are only teaching us because they have to ... if they could, they'd just call class off and send us home until it's cooler. Good flipping Zooropa case, it's going to be autumn in SEVEN days. It's not meant to be this hot! But in any case, I do need to get work done, so that's my task for tonight. Lauren's latest post, along with making me mad at stupid teachers, has inspired me to do work for some reason. Particularly maths. Only problem is, I think I've left my textbooks at school. Pleasepleasepleaseplease let there be some stuff in the students section of the school website. Oh well, there's Modern History to work on anyway.

I would like to order each and every one of you to read Chesterton's Orthodoxy. I don't care if you agree with him or not, it makes a fantastic read, and his writing style is wonderful, an absolute 10/10. I'd post a quote, but it'd probably end up being a page long. Plus, my dinner's sitting where I'd put the book.

I don't care any more what any of you naysayers of my U2 fanaticism say. I really don't. I keep on saying I'll listen to other music, and I do sometimes, but I always come back to U2, and each time I do, I love them even more. There are other bands I like, a couple I love, but ... when it comes to choosing what to listen to, I'd be much happier listening to U2. And why do I need so many bootlegs? I really don't have a logical explanation for that, and I don't see why I should have to have one, or why everything needs a logical explanation. Let me just ask this: what more in the name of love? I'm happy with my fanaticism, so why should you care?

Hmm. That was random. Going to CorruptChristianMusic.com makes me angry, and idiots on messageboards asking 'Is such-and-such a Christian?' make me want to flame until I'm blue in the fingers. Those people should get off their irrelevant, bubblised arses, rip their fingers from their ears, flick that lump of goo called a brain back on, and LEARN SOMETHING. Wow, how startling! I absolutely adore the logic of 'if it's not in the Bible, it's bad; if it is, it's good' because it's so STUPID and IGNORANT. Right, so you're saying I can't listen to secular music or watch TV because it isn't in the Bible, but by your own logic, I can murder and pillage to my heart's desire and have a couple of hundred wives? I'm just in awe of that logic. I also love 'we're supposed to be completely separate from the world and do nothing they do'. Better stop breathing, sleeping, waking, eating, bathing, typing, and talking then. Oh, you sinner, you existed! You deprave person of the world, you're so beneath me, how dare you exist and call yourself a Christian!

Why do I suddenly have this incredible urge to go listen to Bullet The Blue Sky, 5 March 1992, Atlanta? Oh, that's right, because Bono goes ballistic at the end and starts yelling "Shut the fuck up!" Hmm ... maybe the CorruptChristianMusic.com morons should listen up and take his advice. I've also fallen in love all over again with BTBS, any version. Such an angry, empassioned song, it's so awesome.

Stupid bugs on my computer screen need to die slow and painful deaths. Speaking of it, my computer screen needs to be cleaned. My stupid microphone needs to explain why it's not working and pull itself together, too.

--- 8:42pm ---

Because I feel like it.

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We love to watch things on ZooTV ...

--- 10:10pm ---

My family is officially disgusting. You sick people.

That is all.

--- 11:13pm ---

So I haven't got any of that work done that I said I was going to do - tomorrow! tomorrow! maybe later tonight! - but I HAVE fixed my microphone! Hooray! Thou shalt go here. Warning: it's a bit tempermental.
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