February 20th, 2004

Amak Axver

Es ist heiss. Or something.

Hot. Sooo hot. Melting.

More to come later, once I cool down.

--- 10:51pm ---

Much later than I intended, here is the promised edit. An abridged form too, because I simply don't feel like writing today.

As you would have already guessed, it was very hot here today. I haven't seen the official temperature on the news, but I'm betting it's a pile of rubbish anyway - they always take it from the coldest place on the Gold Coast, which is either Coolangatta Airport or The Spit by the Seaway and Broadwater. Go just a couple of streets inland from the beach and it feels a good deal warmer ... head right into the suburbs and unless you're a lucky sod with a spot on top of a hill, it's going to be pretty warm for you. The temperature readings they broadcast on the local news from Nerang and Beaudesert tend to be much closer to the truth. In any case, I don't trust weatherpeople a bit.

Due to the heat, some schools closed - I don't know how many, because mine and Robby's were still on, but some were - and mine cancelled sport because it would've been just inhumane to make people run in this heat. When I hopped out of the air conditioning of our car when I arrived at school, my glasses literally fogged up. The library's air conditioned, and when I walked in, all the windows were fogged up! It was crazy.

New server on the school computer network. This development would please me if it wasn't for the fact that upon logging on, Outlook opens straight away! Grr. But what I do find ironic about my school's filter is that forums are blocked, and yet I have no trouble getting onto CF or Soon. Interference wasn't blocked for a long time, but now it is ... I think thanks to the amount of time I spent on there!

At morning tea I headed off to a meeting to do with my eyesight, and I love the way things just fall into place - it couldn't have happened at a more perfect time! I had the end of that horrid Geography exam right after it, so the vision assistance person came along with me, talked to my teacher, got things sorted really well, and life flowed smoothly. I got my drawing semi-done, but then we figured it'd be easier if I just described what I saw and get assessed on that. That went seriously smoothly and I was quite pleased with things. Then I came home and continued to melt for the rest of the afternoon.

On a random note, a wonderful Bono rant: "For too long ... I've seen this drug heroin take a few ... a life of a friend of mine, a life of a friend of yours. And while fat arseholes grow rich, poor men die in the gutter with needles and syringes stuck in the fuckin' arms. This song's called Bad." - Glasgow, 29 July 1987. Right on.

I hope it's cooler tomorrow. From what I've heard, though, I better quit dreaming.
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