February 17th, 2004

Amak Axver

Like a rhythm unbroken, like drums in the night ...

Geography sucketh when you have trouble reading poorly photocopied photos and small, incredibly detailed maps. At least I have an enlarged map, otherwise I'd be really stuffed. Yeah, we had the first half of the exam today. Second half is tomorrow ... it's not the most fun thing in the world, but I'm hoping to go well on it. I just hate trying to spot landforms, and I wish I was more of an artist with better sight.

Tomorrow I'll be coming straight home after the exam, which I have first up. The ... illness, I suppose you could call it, is getting a bit better but after discussing things with the Director of Student Welfare, we decided it'd be best if I had some days off. I would've had today and tomorrow off if it wasn't for the exams. I can't believe we've got exams this early. It's so unnatural and whenever I say to anyone I have an exam to instantly replies with something like "What, now? You've only been back at school a few weeks!" I personally feel we should've had a little more time to practice, but oh well.

I hate the school system. During year level assembly this morning, the Director of Studies got up and gave a quick talk that I think, rather than boosting our grades, is going to cause those of all but a select few to slip. Instead of emphasising the idea of working together, aiding each other, and helping everyone to get the best mark possible - as Johnno has emphasised in SOR in the past as being a very effective method of achieving the highest - he emphasised the fact that the schooling system is all about competition, we're all competing against each other, and we're to strive to get ahead of as many people as possible. So that's going to result in people hogging resources, being selfish, and simply foster an attitude against working together as a team. It's just stupid and I know it will lead to pettiness. If everyone were encouraged to work as a team and share information and resources and provide help, everyone would get boosted by each other and really get somewhere ... what good does encouraging us to compete against each other as if it's the survival of the fittest, death of the weakest going to do? The speech was all full of fear. "If you do not get a good OP, you're going to have to go to a university." "Last year's results were disappointing and your current attitude is sending you right in that direction." Blah blah blah. Shut up.

This is what I call sad.

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Personally, I feel that would've been awesome followed by MLK. Scrub the "Oh great ocean ... run to the sea" verse - I think it doesn't really belong and the song would be better off without it - and replace it with the first verse of MLK, then launch into the intro of Streets during the second, a la Super Bowl 2002. That would be awesomeness, and the definition of moving. The crowd would go ballistic.

I need live Hawkmoon 269.

The prospect of most likely having to stay at Sam's for a week at the start of next month is uncomfortable and I dislike it. If I could frigging drive or lived near someone who could take me to school, this wouldn't be a problem. Grr. I could go on a rant but I'm not in the mood to.

--- 10:46pm ---

Oh my. I receive so many amazing blessings ... what did I do to deserve them? It's just ... wow. Where does God get off with giving someone like me so much? I feel so touched, almost like I could cry (I don't suppose listening to haunting performances of With Or Without You and Love Is Blindness really helps). I feel so loved. I have the best friends in the world, you all are incredible. Thank you.
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