February 12th, 2004

Amak Axver

It's too hot for February

Ranty tells me there's a shop at Pacific Fair (a large shopping centre on the Gold Coast) called Popmart. What saddens me is that apparently it's another one of those crappy fashion stores selling what might as well be hankerchiefs to teenage girls. Collapse )

I'd just like to tell the world that I absolutely adore The Feelers and desperately need more of them. I wonder what they're like live ...? Bootlegs! It'd be cool if those exist.

Ice cups are the best thing for the heat. I bought two today. As long as you have an ice cup in your hand, you feel cool, the heat is no bother. But without one ... wow it's been hot. It's been abnormally hot for this time of year. I haven't seen the official figures on TV, but they're always crappy and wrong. People at school have been citing temperatures of above 38-40C, and apparently it was already 35C by 8:30am this morning. The person I overheard this from reported it as confirmed. And yet I still wear my blazer ... but as I said, when you have an ice cup, it doesn't matter. It does when you walk out of a beautifully air conditioned library into the heat, though.

I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. Some of you know why. The reason why isn't getting any better, either. I thought it was earlier ... but yeah. Mum's going to make a doctor's appointment for tomorrow afternoon sometime.

Apparently we have a Geography exam next week. What the fizzark? That's not right on so many levels. It's only a few weeks into term, we don't have exams yet! Madness, I say, madness! But half of it's comprised of doing a vertical exaggeration so that shouldn't be too hard. I'm a perfectionist with my maps and diagrams so I'll hopefully get a good mark. Thing is, we already have the map we're doing the vertical exaggeration off, and though I've had mine enlarged, it's still a shocker to have to read.

ReliveTheConcert may be great, but the slow speeds are awful. I'm currently downloading something U2 that I've been looking for for a short while and I just wish it'd speed up a tad. But I'm just grateful for getting on and that what I wanted is actually up there. Hurrah. I'm still trying to work out the finer points of SmartFTP though. Anyone know how I can be on two FTPs at once? I know somewhere else I want to download from, but it seems like I have to wait until this slow one's done first ...

What is with Robert Moxey and shoving pens up his nose? I often wonder if we really are in grade twelve because there's so many immature prats in the grade. Today Ben and Tegan had a fight for a chair in Maths B that resulted in Tegan picking up Ben, dragging him off what became her chair, and leaving him lying on the floor (that was quite hilarious, mind you). Jamie and Grant - wait, was it Burns? - decided it'd be fun to throw ice at each other at lunch, Ranty finds it amusing to pretend to be homosexual towards people (and he's that good at it that I'm not so sure he's pretending half the time), and some of the guys who sit on the verandah outside the Home Ec room are so frigging immature.

Also, my school has entirely no ability when it comes to allocating lockers well. Why is it that I, Mister Shortness himself, got a top locker - I've now swapped for a lower one that I find easier to get to - while Nick, one of the tallest blokes in the grade, ended up with a bottom locker? They're useless like that. It happens every year too, with people having to swap lockers due to poor placement in relation to their height.

So yes, homework calls. I best not forget about it like I did last night ...
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