February 11th, 2004

Amak Axver

Innocent creatures shall meet their downfall

I am going to break something.

I just typed up an entire entry and managed to lose it all.

The highlights;

- I've forgotten how to get e's with acutes. I know it's either ALT or CTRL and then some numbers ... but they seem to have escaped me. When I try to do what I think it is, all I get is the webpage going to About Blank.
- I finally managed to get onto ReliveTheConcert. If anyone wants to know the trick as to how to do it, just leave a comment and I will inform you how to. Life is made easier if you have SmartFTP. I began downloading the 5 June 1983 concert, but wasn't paying attention and my connection timed out, so now I'm waiting for the damn thing to connect again. Two minutes later: HOORAY, I'm back in!
- Some bloke I know from Interference informed me on MSN that he discovered my LJ by searching for 'Axver' on Google. I thought that'd be good to do for a laugh, so I plugged it in and was intrigued by receiving at least four pages of results. I then had a good deal of fun putting in other screen names ... and was amused to note I got the most results.
- Today I discovered the wonders of ice cups. I can't believe, for the last four years, I've turned down offers for them and even scoffed at them last year. They're these lovely, beautiful, refreshing cups of flavoured ice the Home Ec teacher makes, keeps in her freezer, and sells from the Home Ec room. Jamie offered me one today, and driven by the heat, I took him up on the offer ... and oh my Popmart! So refreshing, just what I needed. I'm definitely getting one tomorrow.
- I'm insane for wearing a blazer every day, no matter what the temperature. I refuse to not not wear it.
- I just forgot the next thing I was going to say.
- Seeing it's just about a year since The Idiocy with Lily and I began, I would like to share a conversation (or at least the gist thereof) between myself and Burns earlier this week.

Burns: Hey Andre, I don't want to start a debate here, but why are you so opposed to online dating?
Me: Because it's frigging stupid.
Burns: How so?
Me: Nearly all Internet relationships end in failure.
Burns: Then how come Internet dating websites like RSVP.com and [some site I can't remember] are so successful?
Me: People are desperate and/or stupid. [I seriously do say 'and/or']
I forget the next little bit, but then we got to Burns again demanding I prove Internet dating is stupid.
Me: Burns, let me explain it this way. Statistics prove that only 1% of Internet relationships end in marriage. 50% of marriages fail in today's society, so really only 0.5% actually last, but I'll grant you 1%.
Burns: [Insert some comment questioning how this proves his relationship is stupid]
Me: Look, it's like playing Russian Roulette.
The idiot didn't know what Russian Roulette is - he actually thought it was a gambling game - so I had to explain it to him. Then;
Me: Now only 1% of Internet relationships work, right? That's ONE out of A HUNDRED. Internet dating is STUPID because it's like playing Russian Roulette with a one hundred chamber revolver that has only one empty chamber. If you played Russian Roulette with a one hundred chamber revolver that has ninety-nine bullets in it and expect to somehow get the empty chamber and win, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Same goes for Internet relationships. If you expect to be the one person out of a hundred that actually makes it to marriage and lasts, YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

I love that analogy, even if by my own logic I am was an idiot.

- Speaking of The Idiocy, one girl at school, Rebekah, has brought that up twice with me lately for no apparent reason but to piss me off. I've told her to shut up about it and she damn well better not bring it up again. It's the quickest way to really annoy me. Anyone with a brain knows how much I want to erase those four months and I don't appreciate being reminded of it. If Rebekah keeps it up, the only thing that's going to stop me yelling at/hitting her is the fact she's female - I was raised never to yell at or hit females and it's become such an ingrained attitude that I can't (and don't want to) break it.
- I think I'm finally going to be able to stop myself procrastinating with my work. It better happen quick. And just about everything in Maths C suddenly clicked today. That was nice.
- The leadership thing this afternoon was boring and good at the same time. We don't yet have a teacher to work with our group, so at first Smaantha, Katina, and I sat around talking about our ideas for the Yearbook, then we sat around talking. Occasionally we threw about new ideas. Personally, I'm very disappointed that we're not going to be allowed to do the 'Can You Imagine?' section ... apparently, some parents who simply can't take humour got pissed off and called the Principal, so as of last year it got the can. But we are planning to do personal profiles of people, with a photo of them in grade twelve and when they arrived at the school, and some other stuff. I'm going to have a good deal of fun with mine ...

Name: Andre 'U2 Fanlad from U2 Fanland' [My last name].
Likes: U2, 11 O'clock Tick Tock.
Dislikes: Not being allowed to include the 'Can You Imagine?' section in this year's Yearbook.
Best High School Memory: Cutting Tommo's hair in grade eleven English.
Saying: "What the Popmart/Zooropa/Zarquon/MacPhisto?"
Can you imagine: Andre actually including this?

Haha, that'd be great to do, especially the last line. I could just sneak it into the final revision and be happy.

- Woah, what's up with the new version of AIM? I liked it when I saw it tells me when people sign on, but it really threw me off with telling me when people sign off, go on away, go to idle, and go off away. I might have to turn that off, it'll probably end up bugging me.

That's it.
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