February 10th, 2004

Amak Axver

Random notes

Considering my many rants on my Idol hatred and my love of irony, I can't help but post these;

How would you do on American Idol? by geela
Simon saysUtterly horrible
Paula saysSimon! That was so mean!
Randy saysYou have no voice
Success levelKicked off for nudie pics
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So Larry Mullen Junior, the guy who occasionally sings songs such as Tequila Sunrise, Dirty Old Town, Wild Rover, and My Wild Irish Rose live, and gave his talents to the backing vocals in Numb, is the World Idol! I love it!

English today had the potential to turn into an American-bashing session. That could've been interesting. Someone behind me said something about all Americans are ignorant and the teacher got on his case for making generalisations, but before it got a chance to turn into a real debate, the teacher changed the topic back to reading The Crucible, which, by the way, is a fantastic book.

You know, I’ve come to rather dislike German, both as a subject and a language. I really don’t want to do it any more, and if I had more than three semesters left of school, I’d change subjects, but I only have two so I’m rather stuck in that regard. It is a stupid language, though. I’m sick of trying to figure out the gender of words … that’s what I hate about it. And I feel we haven’t been taught it very well. I don’t feel like I know much German at all, definitely not enough to hold a conversation, and it’s obviously not because of slacking off, because I get the second-best results in the class. Some days I feel like I don’t know a word of it … I complained about this at the start of last year as well, but I kept going at it and did reasonably. This year though, things seem even more dodgy, and I’m sure the stuff we’re doing we should have done a long time ago. I don't just wnat to try and pass exams, I want to actually know the language so that when I go into the exams, I feel confident that I can speak at a level good enough to pass really well and not be worried out of my wits beforehand. But I've lost all my motivation to learn it, so ...

On the other hand, I'm tremendously motivated to do well at maths, I just feel a bit lost at the moment because I missed Thursday's lesson and now I'm all confused. But I'll do some revision tonight and hopefully pick up on what we're doing. I really, really, really want to do well at it. And damn, I've got History to do as well. I hate doing that offline, but it's the only way I can do it because the only History classes are on at the same time as other subjects I want to do and can't change.

I hate MSN. It's been so tempermental lately. I also hate it when ADSL goes down for no apparent reason, like it did when I got home from school today. That was positively weird.

The bastards cancelled M*A*S*H. I'm not impressed. I have my videos, but I'm still not impressed.

Considering school commitments, I think I'm going to have to stop going to messageboards on weeknights because that's the main cause of my procrastination. What I hate is I keep on saying I'll do stuff, but I never actually get around to it. Heh, what have I said before about being a shocking procrastinator?

Had to buy a graphics calculator today. That pisses me off because I think it's a waste of money and that they're tremendously impractical. I have no real need for such a pathetic, complicated calculator. Everything on it is way too complex and unobvious. What a waste of sixty perfectly good dollars ...

I am pleased that I've found another U2 show to download, though. And the more I listen to Linkin Park's Meteora, the more I come to love it. However, it's still not Hybrid Theory. I was going to spend some more time discussing Buddhism here, but that can wait 'til another time/edit/place.

--- 6:11pm ---

I want my budgie back. I hate thinking about what's probably happened to Grun ... I just want him to fly home, squeeze back into his cage, and be back there again, safe and sound. The poor thing ...

--- 9:23pm ---

This comes in the form of an edit, instead of being the first point in my entry, because I'm an idiot with no grasp of time or dates and honestly wouldn't know what today's date is if it wasn't for the fact that I've just updated Axver's Trading Website. In any case, I would just like to wish saintcheney a very happy birthday. You're a grand person and I hope you have a great day and a fantastic year that, if Bono and the lads get their act together, involves a U2 concert. I love U2 fans, and none moreso than yourself.

Because I'm dreadful at writing these things, I'll stop there.
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